Revolution in Another World

When I have opened my eyes in this world, as much as I had been fascinated by the fantasy of this land, I was also disturbed by the law of this world as well. In this world, slavery still exists and so was the status-oriented society. No matter how hard you try, there was no such thing as climbing in the ranks of society. The low class were treated as if they were an animal and the high class acted as if they were monarchs. What could I do to change this world? that was how my journey had begun.


1. Prologue - The Nameless One

Revolution in Another World

The Nameless One

Stranded in the middle of the pacific, I found myself to be in a condition where my body is no longer functioning as it should be. Without having to look thoroughly at my body, it was as clear as day that my arms were as fragile and as thin as a twig and my stomach was as hallow as if there wasn't any organs. The only thing I could do in this raft was to lay down under the sun with my eyes closed and waiting for the moment when the rescuing team finds me. However, as the twentieth night had arrived, there wasn't a single sight of a rescue plane or a boat. I was in a situation where the sharks encircled my raft waiting patiently for the moment when the raft falls apart and I join them to the waters. If that were to happen, then I would surely be their dinner.

My consciousness was fading faster than I thought now that I am recollecting my previous memories. Before I was stranded in the vast ocean, I was having a farewell party with my colleagues. I once used to be an artist who had the once in a decade talent. It started with drawing my feelings in the notebook that I started to have an interest in drawing. When my parents first witnessed this, they were eager to see how much I can grow. I started taking art classes, applying to competitions, and I was introduced to various television shows. However, as I received more attention, there was one person who had been jealous enough to direct a knife at me and that was my brother. In the end, he had stabbed my right arm and I was unable to draw anymore. Today was the day that I step away from the life as an artist, but the cruise....

I did not want to remember anything again. It was meaningless since I could be dying at any moment now. The raft was losing its air and the water was invading to the inside of the raft. The weight of the water pushed me toward the ocean and my entire body was now washed to the surface of the warm pacific water. For some reason, my body was also sinking down with the raft down to the dark ocean. I wondered how lonely and scary it would be like to live in a place where no light can penetrate through. Would it be similar to death?

"Do you want to have another chance to live?" A voice came from the moonlight in the ocean surface.

"Of course-"

Before my mind could understand what was happening, I was suddenly brought into a land where humans weren't the only humanoids. Looking around the town, I could see an elf archer equipped with bow and arrows with a complete leather armor set, a human wearing partial iron armor set with an iron sword in his hips, and a halflings with a dagger and a cloak that hid his other weapons. When carriages were passing by, I was fascinated by the mythical creatures that were contained inside of the iron cage and at the same time disturbed by the cage that was transporting young humans and non-humans.

"Slavery still exists here?" A thought came across my head.

Where am I? How did I come here in the first place? Should I have been dead? What should I do? Is my family alright? Why am I feeling alright? I should be starving to death...? Would I be able to communicate with them? What language do they speak anyway? How would I live in a world like this? What if I am eaten alive by those monsters? 

Loads of questions began to enter and exit through my head, but once I have concluded that I was in another world and my life in the other world had been over. I started to think about what I should do in this world. There was no way that I would be fit for any physical labors in this world. How could a flimsy modern man compare to people who had been working their entire lives? Could I be drawing for the loyalty? No, before I mention whether or not if they have a proper drawing utensils, I have to make sure if I even have money to pay for those equipment. I have many problems to solve from this point and out, but there was one thing clear about my goal here.

I want to change this world.

This thought of mine marked the beginning of my journey. 

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