The headmaster's daughter

Angel Dumbledore is the shy daughter of Albus Dumbledore.She is kind and sweet but not very smart.Follow her as she makes life changing decisions.And just pretend that Albus Dumbledore never died.


2. Dumbledore's Daughter

I rushed through the crowded streets of Diagon Alley.I had to meet my father at Madame Malkins ,or whatever it's called.But when I was standing just outside of the door,I saw my best friend Rose Granger Weasley.I ran up to her without thinking of how mad my father would me.It was going to soon be mine and Rose's first year at Hogwarts."Have you done all of you shopping yet Angel?"Rose asked me.Before you start asking yourself,my name is Angel Sophia Dumbledore.Yes,my father is Albus Dumbledore.I am the headmaster's daughter."I did my shopping an age ago,dad wanted me to do it quick 'cause we might have to go to Hogwarts earlier than usual"I replied.Rose looked at me for a minute."When are you setting off for Hogwarts with your dad?"She asked,lost in thought.I pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket."I'm leaving tomorrow."I answered gloomily."But maybe I could stay at your house and we could go on the train together?"Rose asked her parents if I could stay with them."They said yes!"Rose whispered.I looked at my watch.I would me ten minutes late for my dress fitting. "Okay,I'll ask my dad.See you tomorrow!"I called and then ran into Madame Malkins. My father was standing by a wooden desk and was muttering "Angel better be here soon".I walked up to the desk.A lady with a kind looking face and grey hair ,which was tied up in a bun,greeted me.She accepted my apologies of being late and then stood me on a stool.She measured long pieces of fabric and then pinned them around me.After several long hours,my dress was finished.It was knee-length white dress.The lady (who I had to call Madame)then gave me a silk purple jacket that sat just above my waist."Of you go then!Your robes are all finished"Madame told me.I walked out of the door arm in arm with my father."Umm....Instead of going to Hogwarts with you tomorrow could I ummm.......Go with Rose on the train?"I asked.My father studied me for a moment. "That-"

"Rose Granger Weasley"

"Do her parents-"

"They agree with with it"

"You will sleep-"

"At their house "

"Are you sure that they are okay with this?"

"Positive,come on.You can see them at the leaky cauldron"I replied.So my father followed me down the street to the doors of The Leaky cauldron.

Outside of the doors,stood Rose and her parents. "Ahhh...Ron,Hermione..Seems like it was just yesterday when you were here,buying your things for Hogwarts.Are you sure that my daughter can stay with you?"My father said.Ron looked at Hermione."Yes, she can come anytime, such a sweet child" Hermione replied.

And then I spent the next week with Rose.

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