Muggle Life

Petal Evans is the sister of Lily Evans and Petunia Evans.Petal has always dreamt of going to Hogwarts but has to deal with the truth that she is a muggle.


1. The Letter

I should have known.I was outside playing with my sister Lily and her friend Severus.I am Petal,Petal Evans.My other sister is called Petunia.Me Lily and Petunia are eleven so we get are letters for our secondary school today.Mother called us in because three letters had come through the post.I was hoping to get a letter from a magic school called Hogwarts.

Lily saw a letter that read:


and then ripped it open.She read the letter and squealed."I got into Hogwarts!"she screamed.

"Freak"Petunia muttered.

I thought that Lily wasn't the only witch in the family so I ripped open a letter that read:


and.......I got into........Wild Field school.

I should have known.I couldn't make things disappear and reappear like Severus.I couldn't make flowers grow out of my hand like Lily.But the whole thought of magic had changed me.All I was was a normal,average,non-magical girl.I was a muggle,as Severus says that a muggle is a non-magical person.

Everything went blurry.Petunia's voice saying that she got into Wild Field school sounded far away.The room went red,then orange,then grey and then, finally black.

I felt a sharp pain to my head.I heard Lily screaming,not in glee but in worry.Lily was scared.Lily was never scared.And then I felt it.A hand on my shoulder.I heard the soothing voice of Severus.Everything came back into focus.I had fallen off my chair.My head had hit the floor.Blood was everywhere.I wouldn't be able to even see my school. Mother rushed me to bed a bandage rapped around her head.

When everyone was a sleep a pulled out a piece of paper and wrote on it:

Dear The Hogwarts headmaster,

I am Petal Evans,sister of Lily Evans.You sent Lily a letter but not me.I am not writing to argue but I am writing because I have received a quite horrible bang to my head where blood has been gushing out.I am asking if you could simply fix my head.

Eagerly waiting for your letter,

Petal Evans

P.S:Why don't you consider putting me in Hogwarts also please don't do that obliviate thing.

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