Fairy Tale Academy

Kana always dreamed for a better life. Her life isn't all bad, except for the fact bullies are all around her house...
But everything changed when a simple toy starts talking to her, and tell her what she was truly meant to be... Who are her REAL parents...


Author's note

Sometimes, maybe, readers interact in the story. But I garantee nothing.

1. Ballet

I always liked dancing. Especially ballet. And, it is weird, but I know how to dance since I was born. That's what Ms. Gain told me -- and she showed me some photos and videos of me practising the pas de chat.

Who's Ms. Gain ? She's my foster mother. She's single, thankfully, I don't know what I'd do if I had a father -- after all the horrible stories Ally told me ? No thanks.

ANYWAYS, back to MY story...

It was my first class at Royal Dance School as a Junior, Level 6, so I was pretty excited. As a Level 6, I needed to audition for the Nutcracker. Many of the girls wanted to play Clara, and all the boys wanted to be the Nutcracker itself. Basically the main characters.

I just wanted to play the Sugar Plum Fairy. Okay, she has very little dancing to do, but whenever I dance on the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, I just feel like nothing else matters, that only the music exists, and then I feel like I'm transported into an island, with a magical castle, and princesses everywhere...

"Hem hem, Miss Kana Gain ?"

All eyes turned on me. I walked on the stage, grinning to the people around me saying 'Good luck, Kana !' or 'I hope for you that you get the character you wanted !' or even 'I always thought that this day will come !'. Yeah, I'm a pretty popular dancer here.

The three best ballet professors were the jury. They were Ms. McMayer, Mr. Flayer and Mr. Johnson.

"Miss Gain", said Mr. Flayer, "as you know, in the time of two weeks, there will be the Nutcracker performance, and only Level 6 dancers can audition. For which character would you like to audition for ? Clara, I suppose ?"

"I think she'd look better as the Mouse King." said Ms. McMayer disgustingly. She never liked me anyways. Although, I'm pretty lucky she's fair.

"I can easily imagine her as Clara." Mr. Johnson joined in.

"Enough ! This isn't your choice, it's hers ! So, darling, what character do you want to audition for ?"

"Er, the Sugar Plum Fairy."

There was silence. Mr. Flayer frowned, and said :

"Are you sure ? The Sugar Plum Fairy doesn't dance much, and you are too talented."

"Yes, I'm sure about my choice."

"Well, you do as you desire. I just want to warn you that if someone else is better suited for this character, you will play as Clara. Let the music begin !"

The audition went all well, I guess. I almost tripped once, but like always, I saved it without letting anyone notice my mistake.

"Very well, very well indeed, Miss Gain ! You will receive your role tomorrow, at our next class."

On the way back home, Ally accompanied me. She doesn't really like to be in the spotlight, so she auditioned for being a simple guest at the Christmas feast.

"But you are sooooo talented, Ally !! You need to at least try to audition for a more important role ! Anything'll do ! Even the Mouse King if you had to !"

"You know me, Kana ! I'm just, I'm not, ugh, I just don't want to be important."

"Yeah, but still. You could've at least be a Land of Sweets villager... That would have b--"

I never finished my sentence. Because at that moment, a big, like, real big hand grabbed me by the throat and lifted me in the air, as though I were just a simple feather. When I realized who it is, I gave Ally the 'call for someone' look, and she left. That guy is, you know, the bad guy of my story ? His name's Peter, I just call him Pettigrew**.

** Only potterheads will understand this... Sorry !

"Hah, you're friend's too coward to stay with you ??"

"Don'd even say hello, do you, BEDDIGREW...!" I said, half choking.

"Stop with the Pettigrew, little teenzie weezie faiwy !" Pettigrew said, taking what he calls a fairy voice, which clearly is an improvised baby voice.

Officer Hughs arrived, exasperated, Ally running at his side.

"Oh, Peter, not again !" Yeah, yeah, it's not the first time he's the one Ally call for help. In fact, it is the number twenty thousand time that he's called -- I counted, and do not say I'm exagerating, because it is really the twenty thousandth time he's called.

Pettigrew immediately let go of me, and collapse, hiding his head in his knees, and started screeching.

"Huuuuu hu hu huuuu...!!! Every time it's the same !!! She started and I'm to blame !!!"

Typical Pettigrew.

Officer Hughs sighed and grabbed Pettigrew and brought him to his parents.

We walked home without a word, and when I finally arrived home, Ms. Gain opened the door and let us in.

"So, how was the audition ?"

"Uh, Miley ( that's her name, and that's how I call her ) ? You DO know that Ally and me both have a lot of practice to do, so we both need to go back to our seperate houses ?"

"Yes, I know, but why go back to your 'seperate houses' when you can practice together ?"

"Oh, Ms. Gain, it's just that we aren't sure which characters we're going to play yet, in fact, we're not even sure if we're part of the performance at all !"

"I'd be surprised if any of you isn't in the performance. But if you aren't picked, I'll go negociate. You're both the most talented dancers I've ever seen !"

"Thanks, Miley, but we also have homework. Tomorrow is not only our audition results being given, but also the first day of school. So we also have to finish each other's holiday homework. Only thinking about entering sixth grade scares me..."

"Oh, all right. I'm not going to be the one to force you two to be together -- although I would like to be that person..."

Everyone laughed. We all headed back to our rooms, and did what we said we'd do. Well, except me. Because something strange happened...

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