The Outcast

In this world, the practice of sorcery became the basis of the society which we live in. The monarchs declared themselves the bloodline of deities which we had to believe because of the inexplicable mechanism behind their magic. Anyhow, the story begins when the King of the Pathomas, the empire that rules over the majority of the world, dies without deciding his successor. All of the nobles across the empire became hostile toward another and the entire nation was at state of war. Many talents were born in this era and some tried to stop the war, but none had succeeded. In the end, the course of the war changes dramatically when the child who will be known as the behemoth came to the world at the thirty fifth year of the war.


1. Prologue - The Beginning of the War

The Outcast

The Beginning of the War

"Don't you know what will happen to this empire if the throne couldn't find its rightful owner?" Eien, the noble of the eastern islands, shattered the wooden table in front of him with a bare hand. His expression of dignity and high status crumbled into pieces when he learnt about the death of the king and the consequences it would bring.

"Why would you declare it to be your issue, Eien?" Marcas, the second son of the previous king, declared himself to be the one to sit on the throne. He had the talents to convince the rest of the competitors to comply to his decisions, but he had faults with his personalities that lured hostility from the others. In the end, he would be assassinated on the seventh year of the war.

"All of us here knows where this would lead to, right?" Meidas, the first son of the previous king, tried to convince the others to stop. However, to the eyes of the others, he was nothing more than yet another hindrance to their way to the throne. He wasn't born with the same degree of talent as Marcas, but he was known to be the most humane person in the royal family. However, his kindness wasn't suitable for surviving in the war. He died in the fifth year of the war.

"If only our highness chose his successor earlier..." Ruther Yarl, the noble of the largest land in the northern region, sighed in the sight of upcoming conflict. The Yarl becomes one of the thirteen last remaining state of the empire, but crumbles into pieces by the internal warfare around thirtieth year of the war. 

"....." Devalt Krous, the only one who haven't spoken a word out of the seventy three candidate, was the reason behind the conflict in the first place. The king already chose his successor, but he hadn't announced it publicly due to his declining health. He wrote a letter containing his last word, but Devalt burnt it before anyone else saw it.

Devalt Krous thought that he was the only one fit to become the king because he had both respect and talent on his side. However, his knowledge was nothing more than an empty crust on the outside and his admiration came from whippings for dominance. It was because of him that over twenty million citizens would be killed over the period of seventy years.

The historians were amazed by the fact that the child who will be known as the behemoth was his foster child. Who would have known that the one who ended the war was the foster son of the one who started the war? The story begins in the northern border of the empire under the control of the Krous. 

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