The Grand War

Deviants, humans who were born with unnatural abnormalities, were subjected to discrimination and isolation. It had already been hundreds of years since their existence, yet nothing had changed for them. Humans felt sense of unity among themselves, thus the deviants were viewed as the enemies of humanity. In the end, it led to the world-wide conflict between the deviants and humans known as the Grand War.


1. Rising Tension(1)

The Grand War

Rising Tension

"We were informed that the deviant took control of the downtown and declared it to be their own territory. It seems that this movement is concurrently occurring across the nation. Please evacuate as quickly as you can if you live in metropolitan area. If you live in rural area, then stay in your houses-" 

Someone turned off the television in the lobby.

"My friend lives in one of those cities, I wonder if they are alright," One of the bystanders next to me worried.

"My relatives live in those cities..." The bystander's spouse gasped. 

For a moment, I felt that these bystanders felt assured from the fact that they weren't the ones to be harmed by it. Who knows if there worry for their relatives were expressions used to cover their selfishness. To their defense, they are an individuals of their own. As long as they are an ordinary human, they cannot be selfless. 

"You need to achieve financial freedom in order to spare your money to others," I turned my eyes away from those bystanders and walked around the hospital for a while. The screams of people who are still willing to live, the cries of their loved ones who can only watch their suffering, and the silence of those who are lost in despair.

"Why are they so similar-"

Something hit me directly while I was paying my attention elsewhere. 

"Ah! I am terribly sorry!" One of the hospital workers apologized. I immediately knew that he didn't do this on accident and that he was testing whether or not if I was able to recover from it. There was a sharp knife attached to the end of the stretcher where I was hit from. I covered my wound with my hand to hide the fact that it was already healed, but I couldn't do anything about the lack of blood. The worker in front of me confirmed it, and it was all it took for me to be exiled from this building.

"He's one of them! He is a deviant! He plunders your houses and kills your loved ones," I instantly became center of attention and I noticed all of their hatred heading toward me. I was blamed for actions which I wasn't related to, and someone even threw a bottle of alcohol against me. It was a wonder why anyone would bring this to a hospital, but I understood that this place wasn't worth staying for. So, I left. 


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