The Grand War

Deviants, humans who were born with unnatural abnormalities, were subjected to discrimination and isolation. It had already been hundreds of years since their existence, yet nothing had changed for them. Humans felt sense of unity among themselves, thus the deviants were viewed as the enemies of humanity. In the end, it led to the world-wide conflict between the deviants and humans known as the Grand War.


2. Rising Tension(2)

The Grand War

Rising Tension

The wound from the bottle of alcohol was gone already, but I still couldn't understand why they turned hostile against me? I came here to donate my organs so that people can live on. None of the anesthesia would work on me, so I had to endure indescribable pain to deliver my organs to people in need. I didn't expect them to show gratitude at me, but I didn't expect them to show hostility at me either.

"Why would they blame me for something that I haven't done?" I looked upon the night sky for an answer that would never appear. It was something simple, yet so painful that I refuse to believe it myself. Humans are ignorant, neglect, and indolent.  Not every one of them were so, but in general, they were nearly the same. 

It took them thousands of years to learn that one's ethnicity, nationality, and cultural aspect didn't measure one's value at all. No one is superior to one another because of characteristics acquired at birth. It's what they do that truly determines what they are. What is more easily acquired, what has lesser value. Wasn't it their fault in the first place that deviants began to cause insurgence?  

They weren't beasts, yet they were hunted like one.

They weren't tools, yet they were used like one.

They weren't different, yet they were treated like one.

Most people don't even know that most deviants don't have abilities to kill a person, but those without reliable abilities are the first ones to be lynched. It wasn't them who committed the wrongdoings, yet they had to pay the price for simply being one of them. 

On the other hand, it wasn't as if these radical deviants were completely blameless. How are they different from humans if they burn innocent people to death? I know that we are out of options since non-resistant protest never did a thing for us, but...

I lowered my head in silence. No words came through my head.

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