The Tennessee Witches Part VII-A novel-One

After Madeline Cartwright has used dark magic to get rid of the assassins, she is considered too dangerous for her own good. When she severs ties with her friends, she is forced to resign as an advisor to the Elf Queen's Royal Court. Consequently, she finds another place where she feels at home.


1. The Tennessee Witches Part VII-A novel-One


Madeline Cartwright thought she would miss her friends, and her mother. She was scared she was a Dark Witch; she seemed to believe she was cursed. She saw Roger as well as Rowena leave the tavern; she had lost her boyfriend to evil powers that was in her blood that was due to her father's bloodline. She hadn't remembered him when she was a little girl growing up with her mother. She missed him. And now Elf Queen Zara had banished her from her Kingdom. 

     She took a deep breath, and walked towards the east of Tennessee towards an unknown future.

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