The Rusts and Ashes

In this world, humans challenge themselves to compete against the creatures from myths and folktales. These creatures provide valuable resources that may worth as much as a mansion. In order to slay these beasts, one would have to train in martial arts, learn magic, or earn through nontraditional methods. However, because this society was purely strength-oriented, the level of corruption and discrimination toward those who weren't able to protect themselves was sickening. This is the story of the human who would define honor.


1. The Moral Compass

The Rusts and Ashes

The Moral Compass

In the living quarters of a certain inn near the market plaza, a group of adventurers abruptly came to the inn and ordered the owner to come out immediately. When the elderly owner came out from his office, the adventurers held him by his collar and smashed him against the cold marble surface. Then, as if they hadn't done anything wrong, they ordered the server to bring them the most expensive booze they had on the self. The server didn't pay attention to the man's words because he was more worried about his father-in-law's wounds. 

"Are you defying me?" The adventurer on the center of the ruckus glared at him with an arrogant expression. He then smacked down the server with his heavy-iron boots. The server was unconscious on the cold floor.

"Please! Enough of this!" The daughter of the elderly owner threw the expensive booze at the adventurers. She was hoping that the would leave the four of them alone, but the situation grew worse when the adventurers missed the booze and it knocked down on of their companions.

"That's it! I am going to bury all of you bastards!" The middle-aged adventurer drew out his sword and swung it down from his head down to where the daughter of the owner was. However, his actions was stopped by a person who just arrived to the store.

"Who the hell are you?" The same adventurer that smashed down the elderly owner held onto the intruder by his collar, but he noticed that something was terribly wrong about the situation he was in. The person who he was holding didn't have any features that felt hostile to him. Rather, he had somewhat neutral features that made him seem more affable than others.

However, then what was this amount of malice coming from this intruder? It was the type of thing that only those who devote themselves into risking their lives in danger would know, and these adventurers were well aware of these types of senses. The last time he felt anything like this was when he was in a party to slay a dragon. It was the greatest mistake in his life that discouraged him from moving any farther in life and corrupted him to this degree, but that same ill-intent and hatred came from this intruder.

"Aaaaahaaaaaa..." For a second, the adventurer saw his life flash before him. From his experience, he knew that if he hadn't let go of the intruder sooner, he would have been mercilessly hunted down.



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