Gothic Nightmares A novel

Frank Moor is a fourteen year old teenager who moves from Texas to Mississippi with his parents. When he meets a strange group of people in school, he is drawn into a nightmare in which there is no escape.


1. Gothic Nightmares A novel-One


Mississippi, October 21, 1974.

Part One

Frank Moor stared out of the grim looking window of the orange-red van. He was concerned about the idea that he had to fit in. Ever since his parents were fighting, he thought that going to Mississippi would patch up their differences. Frank sighed. "Everything is going to hell, you know", he said to his mother. "Yeah, well, we're having a clean slate, Frank", his father drove towards the sign. It read: MISSISSIPPI. POP. 6,666. He stopped thinking about how bad his life was before; he was staring at the number. 6,666. The Devil's numbers. He thought he would see Satan Himself. A lot of teenagers in Austin, Texas, were drinking too much at parties, and using Ouija Boards at Midnight ceremonies. Some smoked too much cigarettes; some were dead in car and road accidents. He remembered Stacey Tremblay, his girlfriend, had died from cancer. She was fourteen, and gone too soon. Frank thought about the movie they saw at the cinema. "Scream of Fear", from 1961. He smiled at the memory of her, as he saw a group of teenagers watching them with a sense of boredom that jolted him awake.


"We're here!", Dad said.

"It's been three hours", Frank stated.

"The removalists will bring everything inside", Mom said. She glanced at the dark looking house. As they took their seatbelts off, Frank saw several teenagers gathered near Frost Bridge. They ignored him, as he dragged his luggage towards the brown steps. He waited for his parents to open the front door, leaving him to shiver in the warm morning.


Frank dragged his luggage down the thin hallway. He flicked on the bright lights. He saw his bedroom was the last one on the left. He turned on the other light. Then he placed the luggage on a bed that was in the middle of the spacious room. In the room was a bookcase; closet; and drab looking black windows. "Mom. Can you see this?", he asked her. She saw the curtains. "It's too gothic, Frank. Can you help me get rid of it?", she answered. Frank nodded. Once the chore was done, the room was lighter than before. Sunshine filled the glass windows for the first time since the other family, the Porters, left suddenly last year, and vowed never to return.


"Well, it is nice", Mom said.

"I hope so", Frank stated. He waited for his Dad to say something. "The room is eerie", he said. Frank nodded. "Why did the other family leave?", he asked them. "We don't know. The house cost $75,000", Mom answered. "Look. Why don't you explore outside, Frank. Tomorrow is school on Monday", Mom told her son. "Yeah, okay", he said. And he walked out of the bedroom, and opened the front door, then he walked down the gravelly path to the old cemetery.


Frank saw a girl dressed in a grey gown. She had long, black hair, brown eyes, and petite; she glided towards him in her black shoes. "Hi. I'm Carol Lowe". Frank smiled at her. "Hi, I'm Frank Moor. I just moved here with my parents. I decided to walk here to get fresh air", he said. She nodded. "Mississippi is a weird place. All kinds of things happen at night", she said. "You mean like ghosts?", he asked her. "Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and devil worshippers, and zombies", Carol answered. She didn't smile. "Really, I don't think that I'd want to stay here like the other family did". Carol nodded. "The Porters were nice. But they became disturbed by the nightmares they suffered when their son saw a black hooded man outside his bedroom window. Donald Porter, who was fifteen, went mad. According to rumours, he went to the Mississippi Children's Psychiatric Hospital for treatment for possession. My parents are working for the American Catholic Church. They use the King James Bible to preach the Lord's work during Mass on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM. We are mad in the land of madness, as the saying goes", Carol said. Frank nodded. "Well, I'm a Christian. And I believe in good and evil", he said. She smiled at him. "Not all of the teenage boys are religious. They would rather get drunk at parties, listen to rock music at concerts, and use Ouija Boards. Of course, the use of those boards can bring in evil forces, and my parents have to cleanse their homes of demons. In some cases, exorcisms are rare. In short, teenagers do stupid things", Carol said. Frank nodded. "So, you're not going out-?", he asked her. "My parents have scared off boyfriends because of their jobs", she answered. Frank nodded. "Can you show me the tour, Carol?". She smiled, and said: "Yes".


They stopped at Skeleton Path. 

"Why is it called-?", Frank asked.

"On Halloween, people have seen skeletons on their porches. It's a symbol of darkness; it's meant to cause mass panic. Of course, the occult is used by Dark Priests and Priestesses in ceremonies. Witch hunters in the 17th century onward believed in witches in Salem, Massachusetts. Of course, in the Age of the Internet, belief in groups linked to the supernatural, paranormal, and occult, has grown. Mississippi was bypassed by certain groups because no one thought any kind of possession cases was heard in Rome, Italy. The Vatican, and The Pope, were more concerned about other important issues in Europe, and around the World. And in America. In short, I've been searching for the right boy to date", Carol said. Frank smiled. Before either of them could do anything, several teenagers smiled at them. Carol grinned, and introduced Frank to her friends.


Because of President Richard M. Nixon's resignation in August of 1974, Frank knew the post-Watergate crisis across America, meant the President Gerald Ford, was in charge of the country. Frank saw Carol was talking to some boys and girls who weren't smoking. "Frank, this is Tom West, his sister, Becky. And Nathaniel Marr, and his sister Katie Marr. They're religious. No smoking, no bad behaviour, etc. They think smoking is a sin", she said. "That's good. My first girlfriend died from cancer, so I don't smoke", Frank said. "We're sorry about your loss", Katie said. He nodded. "Thanks. Now, what do you do for fun around here?", he asked them. "The cemetery is full of the living dead. They rise from their ancient graves to feed on the living. Of course, you have to shoot them dead before they feed on you. Then there's the possessed. They have to be exorcised; they have to get the Lord to get the demon out of their bodies. That's why we carry the King James Bible with us", Nathaniel said. And he gave one to Frank, as dark clouds hovered above the threatening blue sky that was obscured by the blackness.


Up ahead was The Foster House. A large iron gate was closed up. Green grass was left to rot over time since the nineteen fifties, and nineteen sixties, causing them to be brown coloured. "There was an exorcism in nineteen sixty-one that was covered up by the American Catholic Church. Some people said that Anderson Foster, the seventeen year old son of Brad and Kelli Foster, dabbled in the Ouija Board because he had severe depression, and had a mental illness. Consequently, he locked himself away in his bedroom and was heard chanting weird things on Sunday nights; some say he unleashed demons into his bedroom, and they possessed him. His parents, who were English and Maths teachers, asked Father Edward Young to perform an exorcism. It failed, and Anderson died from heart failure. After his death, they packed up their luggage, and moved to Alabama, and vowed never to have any children. In short, we vowed to help them leave because Anderson was someone who went down the dark path. We're here to help any teenager who needs help...and spiritual advice. We don't force God and Jesus's word on people; we don't have to think for them", Nathaniel said. Frank nodded. He was about to say something when a man of the cloth appeared, and he stared at him for awhile before walking towards him.


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