The Popularity Rulers A novel

Andrea Davis is a new sorority pledge at Phi Delta Phi in New York. When she discovers a system of popularity rulers has bypassed her, she will do anything to join them.


1. The Popularity Rulers A novel


Part One


So, what is a popularity ruler? It is a teenage girl who wants to be popular, at any cost. I live in New York with my parents in our Lower Manhattan apartment. But this semester I am planning to enter Phi Delta Phi sorority house. I am certain nothing bad will happen to me; nothing too bad, you see. My name's Andrea Davis, and this is my story about my adventure at the sorority that changed everything in my  sixteen year old life.


"Mom, I have to leave now", I said.

"Don't hurry me, Andrea. Your father's finishing dressing in the bedroom. And he has a nine o'clock meeting with Randal Baxter". I knew who was. A multi-millionaire property developer in New York. Dad worked for him. I brushed my teeth. I wore a blue sweater, a black dress, and grey shoes on my feet. On my right hand was a watch. I turned off the light, and headed down the brightly-lit hallway. I went downstairs, and into the kitchen. I ate breakfast. Fast. Then we headed outside the front door, then Mom drove me to New York High School, for the first day there.


I was dropped off. Mom headed to the city for work. There was a lot of girls holding books, and dressed in their uniforms. I saw a girl smiling at me. "Are you lost?", she asked me. "Ah, yes. Is this Phi Delta Phi sorority house? I'm Andrea Davis", I asked her. "Yes, I'm Tanya Park, the President. Please follow me", she answered. She had long, black hair, brown eyes, and tall. She was dressed in a red sweater, a grey dress, black stockings around her slender legs, and high-heeled shoes. And red lipstick on her mouth. "The dorms are to the left. There's a strict policy on boyfriends, and dances, etc. No late nights after Midnight. All sorority members are sixteen years and over", Tanya stated. I nodded, and let her preach what was on her mind before we reached the Headquarters to the sorority.


One of the girls smiled at me. 

"Hey, are you joining?", she asked.

"Yes, I'm Andrea Davis", I answered.

"Caitlyn Borrows", she said.

"That's a nice name. I am a pledge for the semester", she said. She had long brown hair, hazel eyes, and slightly smaller than I was. She saw a group of sorority sisters walking towards the football field. A girl headed towards a boy, and kissed him. "Who are they?", I asked Caitlyn. "Brenda Marks, and Dale Corden. They're the true popularity rulers of New York", she answered. Yeah, they belonged together. It was slightly nauseating. I regained my lost composure, and she grinned as we arrived at Thornton Hall, where the pledge ceremony was about to begin.


We saw Brenda walking into the Hall, (as it was called). "Now, not all of you will be a sorority sister. Once you've passed the initiation test, you can follow in my footsteps". I heard everything she said, then I smiled at Caitlyn, who grinned at me, then we waited for the fun to start.


"What's your name?", Brenda asked me.

"Andrea Davis", I answered.

"And why should you become a popularity ruler?", she said. I never faltered. "I want to be the President of Phi Delta Phi sorority", I stated. "You want my job?", Brenda yelled. I stood back in alarm. "That's my plan. But you're the President-", I said. And she grinned; she grinned until I knew it was false. Maybe she was predicting my future. I stood back, then I saw her continue. "Andrea Davis, you've been selected as a sorority sister of Phi Delta Phi. But if you ask for my job again, you'll be sorry", she threatened. And she left us alone, while the ceremony resumed.


I felt deflated.

Caitlyn talked. "It's going to be good, Andrea. We'll be sisters". And she watched the other teenagers not getting in. They had dejected looks on their tired faces, as the first day in the sorority brought out a lot of angst in everyone of the girls.


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