The Popularity Rulers A novel

Andrea Davis is a new sorority pledge at Phi Delta Phi in New York. When she discovers a system of popularity rulers has bypassed her, she will do anything to join them.


2. The Popularity Rulers A novel-Two


Part Two


So, here I am. 

In the Phi Delta Phi sorority house. I walked with Caitlyn to our dorms. We saw other popularity rulers applying red lipstick, and nail polish on toes, and fingernails. "Hey, you're new. I'm Roberta Clements". She brushed her long black hair with her hairbrush. Her hazel eyes focused on the red carpet, as she watched Caitlyn gazing at her shiny trophies for "The 2016 and 2017 Runner-Up Sorority House Sister Awards"; her eyes seemed to sparkle with delight while we got to know the other sisters.


It was impossible not to laugh. 

I knew being a popularity ruler meant sacrifices. I mean, take my Mom for instance. She wasn't a member of Phi Delta Phi. She was rejected because she hated the bureaucratic atmosphere of the sorority; she left before she had me. And, besides, I was born to become a popularity ruler.

And that was all that mattered.


Miss Thorne, the sorority house Mother, had a stern look on her middle-aged face. She was like someone who wanted a fight. And she was strict. "I want all girls to stand on the brown chair. I will use a paddle to hit your legs. It's all part of the initiation ritual. Those girls who cry will not go to the next year at Phi Delta Phi. Now, don't cry, please", she said. I hopped onto the chair. And, as the paddle hit my legs, I didn't cry...or scream. I became a good girl. "Good, Andrea. Now, you're one of us". And I smiled, as I knew that I had succeeded, and hoped Caitlyn followed me. When she did, we hugged each other, and knew we were friends forever.


I was grateful that Caitlyn was with me. 

"You were great, Andrea", she said.

"I don't want to be out of the sorority", I admitted. And we smiled, as we approached our dorms, and joined the other girls in painting our toe and fingernails with nail polish, and putting lipstick on, while we glammed up for our night out at the dance that was on from seven o'clock to ten o'clock in the evening.

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