After the world-wide phenomenon known as " Fall", humans lost 80 percent of landmass and 90 percent of the population due to the new creatures. It can vary as much as a simple virus to a conscious humanoid being that these foreign beings are. These extraordinary beings breathe fire from their mouth, change the direction of the wind, and strike a lightning with a mere flick of a finger. Humans had no chance against them until they learnt the mechanism behind their strengths. This is the world a hundred years after their invasion.


1. Prologue


In the bustling streets of the former capital, a shortly improvised crowd gathered in the sight of the lycanthrope behind the iron cage with seals written all over the surface to prevent him from rampaging in the middle of the city. He was the one of the last remaining pure-blooded who takes the form of a beast in a shape of a humanoid being rather than a humanoid with beastly features. The later came into existence when human presence appeared on their heritage.

The stone-paved roads of the city made a sound whenever the carriage holding this eight hundred pound lycanthrope passed the road with noticeable bumps. It was harder to stay distracted away from this sight of a once mighty warrior reduced down into a state that is indifferent from any other slaves in the market. When the carriage stopped and the group of slaves unloaded this creature, the crowd half encircled the slave store near the end of the lively streets and they attended the auction where he would become a property sold to anyone as long as they are able to pay the price.

Barely anyone felt sympathetic for him, not because were they heartless, but that they felt that this was right. Humans fought with these creatures for a long period of time and they needed their physical strengths to rebuild the civilization after it was destroyed. Lycanthropes do not resemble humans other than their humanoid structure. Not only were they dauntless hunters down to their primal instincts, they are also creatures incapable of thinking complexly and restraining their desires.

The world has been this way ever since these creatures suddenly came to existence around a century ago. Since then, we had been living in a lawless world where one's value are determined by their strength. An individual could possess a strength equaling to that of an entire country or even an entire continent. Outlandish laws from a ruthless rulers and countless conflicts make up this world; only ten percent of the population and twenty percent of the total landmass remains as human territory; and it is usual for a person to be beaten in front of a crowd for being a nuisance. 

Many desired for an advent of a hero who would bring peace upon this desolate world and to make themselves worth more than a mere number on a casualties report. Their prayers for a messiah would soon be heard. 




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