Modern Times A novel

New York, 1979.

The epic story of Margaret Scott, a thirty year old New Yorker, whose life, loves, and tragedy, ends the story in the midst of nineteen seventies America.


1. Modern Times A novel-One


New York, 1979

The Watergate incident in June of nineteen seventy-two, had destroyed President Richard Milhous Nixon. A year later, in nineteen seventy-three, as the soldiers were leaving Vietnam's deep jungles, we were eager to have a change in Government. Margaret Scott stared at the protest rallies in Lower Manhattan. She saw the long haired Democrats and Republican protestors who were blasted with hoses by the riot squad. The fractiousness of the few knew no bounds; the few knew what it meant to survive in the United States. "Margaret, we have to survive in the New World", Mike Robertson stated. She smoked a cigarette, and gazed at the violence outside their Lower Manhattan apartment. "They're upset at the Government", she said. "I know that, babe", he said. The colour television was on channel 1. President Jimmy Carter was talking about policies. "He'll lose the next election", Margaret stated. "How do you know? Are you psychic?", Mike asked her. "No. It is the country, not me", she answered. "Bloody politicians, they're messing us up", Mike said. He drank some beer, and was drunk before the speech was over.


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