demons and overprotective brothers bts ff


Author's note

Be aware (jk)

1. my step-brothers

Mom: Y/n wake up we are moving hurry up i will be waiting down stairs 

Y/n: ok 

y/n pov 

i forgot to introduction

My name is kim y/n

18 years old



good at fight,bad-ass,black belt in karate,smart,sometimes kind,act innocent if i need to or mean if you make me mad

Y/n: i am done mom * grabs gun * *think* just in case of bad stuff happen to me 

ran down stairs

Mom: so y/n me and your dad are going out of town to travel and you will be staying with your new step-brothers

Y/n: how many brothers do i have???

Mom: You have 7 brothers

Y/n: WHAT i am going to die then but i will have fun with them to 

Mom: just don't go to far with your fighting at school and home

Y/n: Okay okay

2 hours later 

Mom: we are here

Y/n: finally my butt hurts 

we got out of the car and went to ring the door bell

???: hello hello welcome Ms. kim

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