What The Hell

When A girl named Fang Jackson meets a boy who could be Hades lookin for love

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1. What The Hell

The young girl ran through the forest not far from the kingdom. She made a wrong move and her foot landed on a hole covered with leaves and sticks. She landed in the hole with a thud her dress ripping. She tried to jump out but it was to steep. She decided to call for help. A sword appeared. The person holding it was impossible. “Grab on”. A male voice. The girl grabbed on and someone pulled her up. She saw a boy with jet black hair and one yellow eye the other one a red one. He wore a black toga. “I’m Hades.” He said. “ I’m— um Winneferd the III”. Running through the forest in the middle of the night was a bad idea. I was looking for my dog that ran away going north. I was quiet ,but I knew I wasn’t alone. I heard the sound paws of Cybertooth trotted off somewhere. I ran father follow the noise when I saw a puddle. I step in it Immediately going under the water. Confused I sucked in dirty water. Note to self, lungs hated water. I choked my lungs burning. The water was only three feet ,but I was still surprise and confused. Strong hands felt under my arm pits and lifted me up. I lay on the ground sputtering. Then a wet tongue lick my face. Cybertooth. I yelped my eyes still tightly shut. “You alright?” A male’s voice asked. I opened my eyes to see a boy with dark hair that swept in his eyes. Her was male and he wore a black shirt and leather jacket and black jeans. I couldn’t see there colour of his eyes because it was too dark. He was my age fourteen or fifthteen. I didn’t want him to touch me because who goes walking in the middle of the night. He smiled at me like he new was I was thinking. “I’m Jason.” He said. My dog sniffed sniffed the boy’s feet and wagged his tail like he knew the boy. “I’m___”. Should I tell him my name? Yes, just not my last name. “I’m Fang.” I mumble. He just nodded at me and pointed to the south. “You came that way”. He said. I whistled for my dog. The bull dog trotted towards home. I started to follow looking back just once too see the boy, gone. “Creepy”. I said to Cybertooth. Cybertooth barked to say other wise.
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