Onetime love was just a fortune, until something just wasn't, in a mind of displaced, grey misfortune, two teens discover the way love works is, by natural expectations, unfortunately there love is misplaced by toxicity, unknown lost dementias


10. Doubted fortunes 1.

Like no other dream was just to be, wasn't real life something, wasn't love friendship a bond of something, somehow he be lost strangely she felt misplaced.

As whole house among banked shores,it defiantly felt like Derek lied, whom lest lies sometimes. 

As Sandra, heart melted her dreams became dispositioned in way that her mind gave into, a miraculous way of the whole home, somehow behind every door inside one, it be another dream.

So airy, so weird that the diarys read the mind of her, past and gave way to one thing she never really thought.

As if looking fonward to the beac ad birds, and the decorative easy built and homes for birds, took on new meaning. 

Life never seems that possible, forth every work no matter what took efforts me commitment. Her mind would set forth to find herself. 

In the wavy sounds of the beach waters she keep hold of seashells, totally forgotten of the birds and sand...

Inside the coved green book shattered something she saw as once there myths, looking in every door in and out something ironed out the past and present seemed dim.

She skirt along and look down the same path once she began. She would see, something peculiar about that book.

"Nothing etched and stone here".. She said, and forth the day was just beginning....

Looking and just, keeping her mind occupied, " he's seems lost but I know he somewhere"...    As seek woke, Derek, was somewhere? Yet where? Sandra seemed doubted and surprised never before would a friend just leave out of nowhere?...

As it was, a job venture, for her it seemed like a, dream outside her own, and unreal yet possibly worth it...

As the unmarked book opened the, pale green writing and, penicil found her love, from Derek, never before did seem he, would even write that?  Mystified it seem like he wanted to know Sandra more?

Then she looked and book was with same writing, as happy she be she hold against her,

As soon asmit withered the paper wrinkle and fell out.... "I, don't understand, nothing about it makes sense".... She look again and easy papers fell they misplaced by a stunning pigeon soon to fall to, on the last flight.. Not even the bird could fly anymore.

The, window open and sea released a calm wind of the heart, the soon the bird fell nothing about it was known anymore.

Sandra began to misplace everything, what was worse everything around it was, a mysterious past and dream and unanswered, yet her hopes and, love and friendship just began new aspect...

Shen new Derek for longtime, and this lost and, seeking was just etching her, but She pound, and yet not feel sad anymore, the door open and she looked, a way into it, the notes of same book fell forth, she looked and read...

" If, the wind was here my life be better somehow the, one inside would be only one" 

As those words stunned her she, had know more, and clearly the pigeon that fell left her lonely and dis positioned, in way to fund what that meant... Now the words kept her up.

However she patiently waited for Derek, something else wary was still side of opened door, as pages she, clean up she saw her smile, and yet another weird lost mirror...

" the book I can't find, is will continue til know for sure"!! She never gave up relentlessly working and trying find her love besides Derek, her mind was switching like a switch..

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