My sister Clary

When Clary's brother moves back to the New York Institute, he does something to set Clary against him- agrees with Jonathan. What will she do, and how will Jace and his parabatai, Izzy, react when they find out?


6. Chapter Six

Hey Guys! Sorry for the late (and short) update, but it's been manic! I had a massive scare and it took me a while to recover. As always, I only own Xordan and the direction of the plot. Everything else belongs to Cassandra Clare.

I walk into my room and change into different clothes- not my ceremonial robes, just random clothes since I was covered in Clary's blood- and walk into the spare room towards the portal. Thinking of the New York Institute, I walk through it and immediately land next to Jace.

"Xordan? Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Clary is fine. Listen, I can't keep this Portal open much longer. Go grab your ceremonial clothes and meet me back here quickly." 

"Ok. I love you Xordan."

"I love you too, Jace." He kisses me quickly before running up the stairs to his room.

About thirty seconds later, he runs back down the stairs with red clothing in his hands.

"Come on Jace." He holds my hand and we vanish through the Portal.

As we arrive back through the Portal at Jonathan's, my brother is there to greet us.

"Hello, brother. Jace."

"Hello, Jonathan."

"I'm going to take Jace to get ready. How long do we have, Brother?"
"About an hour."


I lead Jace into my room and start to get changed, whilst he just stands there. 

"What are you doing? Jonathan and Clary are getting ready and we only have an hour until the ceremony, meaning we only have like fifteen minutes max to get ready."

"Why can't we just Portal?"

"That's what we're doing, but we have only seen pictures of this place so there is a fair walk to get to where we want to be."

"Oh, ok." He starts getting dressed.

"Look, I love you, Jace." He frowns.

"I love you too. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why are you asking?"

"Because you never just randomly say things like that."
"Okay, I admit. Some things could go wrong tonight, and I don't like it."

"You do seem a little on edge. What could go wrong, anyway?"

"Well for one, lots of people could die tonight. Including you and Clary. But I won't let that happen, and neither will Jonathan."

"What? How could she die? How could I die?" I sigh.

"Jonathan is going to get Clary to drink from the cup, but he knows how useful your stamina runes are, so he is going to get Lilith to carve a binding rune to link us all together- me, you and him."


"Brother, are you and Jace ready yet?" I hear Jonathan yell.

"I am, Jace is just buttoning up his shirt."

We walk out of the room and Jace takes my hand. Clary walks out, willingly holding Jonathan's hand.

"Hello, sister."

"You knew about this Jace? Why didn't you say anything?"

I unbutton the first two buttons on my shirt and show her the binding rune on my collarbone. Jonathan does the same.

"I will have one by the end of the night too."

"So you are doing this willingly?"

"Yes. I love Xordan and I will do anything to stay with him."

"Let's get going shall we, brother?"

I lead everyone to the Portal and think of the place where we were leading the ceremony. Everyone lands seconds after me.

"So, where exactly are we?"

"We, Jace, are in Ireland. The Burren, specifically."

"I've always wanted to come here."

We continue walking and then meet the group of people that were loyal to Valentine and are willing to be loyal to Jonathan and I.

"Circle members! Are you with me!" My brother yells, and I hand him the second Mortal Cup that we got. 

I draw a pentagram on the floor and Jonathan summons Lilith, who pours her blood into the cup. After banishing her, Jonathan does the same, and I drag the first subject to Jonathan's feet. As I pull the cover off her head, I hear Clary gasp.

"Amatis?" She whispers. I grin at her.

Jonathan puts the cup to Amatis' lips and she drinks willingly. Her runes disappear and she stands up. Jonathan commands her to fight one of the other Shadowhunters that are there, and she beats him. Her speed and precision are better than any rune she could have.

After turning every single follower, I take Jace and Clary over to Jonathan. He calls on Lilith once more and she carves the rune into both Jace and Clary. After making sure the rune worked on Clary, Jonathan curves his hand around her cheek and smiles. She leans up and kisses him.

(729 words)

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