House in the Woods

Mostly in first person, and not a lot of name usage so you can replace Maylyn's name with yours if you so choose. Also not much choice in what you look like cause I'm lazy and it's to much effort.


2. Life Sucks

Helen sits down next to me with a sullen look on his face. I realize he is carrying all his belongings from his locker in a large, cardboard box.

“So, yeah, I got suspended,” he says still not looking at me.

“What! Why?!” I yell at him.

“Well, from what the teacher said, it was because I threatened to kill not one but three people,” he replies.

“Great, I just lost the only person that made life tolerable around here,” I say on the verge of tears, “my life is now a living hell on wheels.”

“You’ll still see me and Grinny every day after school, so don’t be sad,” he says hugging me, “plus, I'll always protect you no matter the cost.”

“O-okay,” I say sobbing into the shoulder of his jacket.

“I think we should start heading home before we both get into more trouble than we already are,” he says quietly.

“Yeah that would be a good idea.” I say back. “And thanks for looking after Grinny for me.”

I grab my bag standing up to head home. Leaving Grinny with Helen was difficult, but in the end, I was waving goodbye to them as I walk towards my home. Stopping at the store along the way I grab my dad a pack of FAYGO soda to take home for him. By the time I reach my front door it is almost dark out. Grabbing the door knob, I have the odd sense of foreboding tingling through my nerves. I brush it off and open the door warily. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN," my mom yells. "No more friends your grounded for the rest of the year!"

~~~~time skip to next day~~~~

I stop mid-step through my bedroom door to see -in what I hoped to be bright red paint- written ‘DON’T BE EXCITED ABOUT TOMORROW BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO TOMORROW’. Underneath the writing were my parents, dead in a pool of their own blood, crumpled on the floor. I drop what's in my hands and stand there paralyzed by mixed emotions swirling around inside me, tears start blur my vision. I finally snap out of my state of shock and grab the phone from the night stand by my bed and dial 911.

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