House in the Woods

Mostly in first person, and not a lot of name usage so you can replace Maylyn's name with yours if you so choose. Also not much choice in what you look like cause I'm lazy and it's to much effort.


3. Flashback of Maylyn(Y/N)'s Childhood

2 minutes. 2 minutes is all it took to load my parents into the back of the ambulance and the police to begin questioning me about what happened. The police arrived 10 minutes after I had texted Helen cryptic messages of what happened. The police asked the usual questions such as did I hear anything suspicious last night, or did my parents have anyone who hated them enough do do this. I laugh at that question, causing them to look at me oddly, I sigh and simply say that no one from outside of our household hated them that much. With that answer they say that they have one more question, but I didn't hear it because at that very moment Helen appeared at my front gate. I jump up from my porch steps, slightly startling the 2 officers questioning me, and running full force at Helen tackling him in a hug. Someone clears their throat behind me. I turn around to face the 2 officers. I mumble a small apology and ask them to kindly repeat the question so I can answer.
"That is quite alright," the male officer says, "You did just lose your parents after all."
The blonde female officer glares at the male. "We'd like to know what your relationship with your parents was like." The female officer asks.
"Our relationship was like every relationship a teenager has with their parents. Our relationship was perfectly fine," I lie. "Are you accusing me of killing my own parents." They open their mouths to object my accusation, but I cut them off. "Get off of my property now, you are no longer welcome!" I yell at the 2 officers.
I watch as they leave, and don't cry until I see their tail lights turn the corner. I hadn't realized I'd fallen to my knees until Helen picked me up. He carried me inside and to my room, and set me down into my bed, as he did a slight sense of deja vu came over me and memories that I thought I'd only imagined came rushing back as everything went black.




I'm 5 years old, playing in the playground sandbox that sits right next to the woods by myself the way I was used to. I was making small structures, far more complicated than normal 5 year olds would be able to make. Someone walked out of the woods and sat across from me. I look up to see a small ravenette haired boy sitting there and admiring the structures I'd created. He looked up at me and tilted his head the way a dog would, curiously staring at my golden purple eyes.
"Why are you still here? Why aren't you making fun of my eyes like everyone else does after they see them," I asked the boy.
"They're unusual and unique, I like them. My name's Helen Otis by the way, what's yours?" The bo-, Helen asks me.
"The name's Maylyn Smithern," I reply cheerily.
Everything fades to black leaving me in darkness.

<~~5 years later~~>

I'm 10 again. I'm crying in the woods. It's pitch black out so I assume it's around midnight. I begin to hear an annoying soft static. I open my eyes and look up to find a tall man in a suit and red tie, about 8 yards away from where I'm sitting. The static gets louder as I continue to look at the man and he stalks towards me. I hear someone yell to my right, I turn my head to see a ravenette boy wearing a white mask with a dripping red smile rushing towards the tall figure. The tall, slender man stops in his tracks and follows my line of sight to the boy still rushing towards him. The boy reaches the man, just as I start to lose consciousness from the staticy pain. I catch a few words of their conversation here and there. The boy walks towards me and picks me up off the ground. He carries me to my front yard, and asks me if I'm able to walk the rest of the way. I nod and he sets me gently onto my feet. I turn around to thank the boy, but he's already gone. I shrug and walk to my front door, before I even reach for the knob the door flies open to my mother who looks none too happy to see me there. I know what's coming next, so I try to run, but she grabs me by my hair and yanks me inside before I even have the chance. Mom slams to door and shoves me onto the floor. She yells at me about being ugly, lazy, and a worthless piece of crap, and i start to get up off the floor. She slaps me across the face just as my father walks into the hallway, tears well up in my eyes and I silently start crying.

Everything around me fades to black again as another memory resurfaces in my mind. I’m my 12 year old self, I was cowering in a corner inside the master-bath. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I heard my father ask in an overly sweet tone if I would open the door and let him in. Hearing his tone of voice while asking that question I remember exactly why I was cowering in that corner in the first place. It was the one night mother had to work the overnight shift, and I was alone in the house with my drunk father. I had run to the master-bath, and locked myself inside the moment I saw the look on his face when mother said she was working overnight. The knocking turns to banging startling me out of my thoughts, the banging continues for 3 more minutes until it finally stops. I wait 2 more minutes to make sure it's safe, then walk out. Bad. Idea. The moment I step out of the bathroom I'm pushed against the wall with his hand around my throat. I feel him sloppily bring his mouth to mine, his left hand around my throat releases to grab a chunk of my knotty brown hair, and yanks pulling out some strands. His right hand roams down past my hips, stopping at my inner thigh. He pulls away from my mouth, smirking as he moves his right hand between my legs, and rubs. I unwillingly groan at the action, which he must take as desire and lust. He removes his right hand from where it is, and drags me by my hair shoving me onto his bed. He straddles my waist and unbuttons my pants. In the midst of unbuckling his own he lifted off of me, and thrown across the room causing him to hit his head on the door trim. Father grunts at the impact, but doesn't try to get back up, telling me that the impact was strong enough to knock him out. I suddenly remember what my own father was about to do to me, and the thought of him succeeding was.........'Terrifying,' I thought curling into a fetal position in an attempt to protect myself from something I know I can't. I feel a pair of strong arms encompass me in a protective embrace. They carry me back to my room and tuck me into bed. The last thing I'm aware of before I fall asleep are the 4 simple words my hero whispers, "I'll always protect you." Everything begins to fade again but I catch a small tingle before it's completely gone.

^^^^^End Flashback^^^^^

I jerk awake in my bed startling Grinny from my lap. “Wait! Grinny!” I yell. “What are you doing here boy?” I ask quizzically.

“I brought him,” a voice says from the door, “I thought he’d help you cheer up.”

“I feel better now that he’s here as well,” I reply looking up at Helen with a smile. Which immediately faltered when I saw the dullness in his normally curious, observant emerald green eyes. “What happened,” I ask my best friend.

He looks at the floor, then back at me, “Your aunt called, said you were moving in with her after the funeral.”

I cringe at the very idea of being in the same house as her. She hates my very existence, she would only take me if the government gave her a large sum of money monthly. Helen must have seen my discomfort at the statement because he moves to the side of my bed and puts a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“You could always move in with me and my family, if you don’t want to stay with her.” He says.

“That’s nice of you to offer, but I’m not old enough to fight myself out of foster care yet, plus I don’t even know where you live.” I reply.

"Well if you get into any kind of trouble or change your mind while you're there, just walk into the closest set of woods and call for either Grinny or me. We'll find you as fast as we possibly can." With that he walks out of my room and downstairs.

I glance at my alarm clock. "SHIT! I'm gonna be late!" I throw off my covers and jump out of bed. I run out of my room grabbing my backpack along the way. I slide down the stairs railing to the bottom and hop off. I rush to the door pulling my second-hand combat boots. Grinny jumps onto my back as I finish tying them.

"Why are you going?" I hear Helen ask behind me.

"Because if I don't they'll treat me worse than they do already." I deadpan.

"Fine, but since I won't be there hang out with my brothers during lunch and class."

"Which ones?"

"The three that look like they want to kill each other."

"All your brothers act like that."

"The one that is always smoking in the courtyard."

"Oh, so Tim, Brian, and Toby."

"Yeah, I trust them more than my other siblings. You better get going or you'll miss second period as well."

I screech throwing the door open, and run all the way to the schools front doors.

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