Camp Fear

A school camping trip , fine why not .
But everything's about to change at the camp of fear when a student goes missing and people are attacked or hearing strange noises at night.


1. Entering camp .




The trees loomed over the yellow school bus as it passed the entry way of the forest leaving behind a cloud of dirt. The students inside of it seemed particularly excited , all but one. A strange tall lanky girl with black long hair highlighted at the end with purple , her skin like ivory as if it had never been touched by the sun and her eyes were a freakish blue much to light to match her dark hair , makeup and clothing.


"She's so odd." Rainn contemplated


"I think she looks kind of cool." Celia replied a broad smile on her face to match her gleeful appearance , her light pink hair shimmered in the sunlight seeping in through the bus window making her seem more angelic than she already appeared.



"Whatever , anyways did you bring your camera? You'd better of I've told you thousands of times!" Rainn warned taking her very own little Nikon camera out of her pocket.



"Course I did , I mean I think I ...."



"For god sake your always doing this !" Rainn said disappointed and cutting off her friend



"HAY!" Celia snapped



The whole bus turned to look at the commotion they're blank faces suddenly silent no longer speaking to their so-called "friends ". "What?" Rainn cross examined the crowd her green eyes lunging at them like a tiger ,her nickname because her reddish brown hair , finally the crowd turned they're nosey faces from Celia and Rainn.


Suddenly the bus came to a halt , they were here .










Bundling the bags from the busses cargo area Celia could feel a warmth fill her chest , she could tell this was going to be an amazing trip. Rainn however didn't seem to be as excited as her in fact she seemed rather grumpy , however in order to catch the bus on time in order to get to the camp she had to get up at five o'clock in the morning so it was no surprise she was grumpy.



"Ugh I can already smell the outhouse from here!" Rainn moaned , moan! moan! moan!


GOD CAN SHE EVER ENJOY HERSELF ! Celia thought to herself while pretending to smile and laugh at her nagy friend.


"This will cheer you up , told you did bring my camera." She giggled taking her light purple Nikon camera from her bag.


"Purple really?" Rainn said unimpressed , she was so ungrateful she was the one who wanted Celia to bring the camera in the first place !


"Girls why do you have cameras are you even allowed them!" a councilor approaching them asked. Her short dark red hair ,sharp eyebrows and deep brown eyes made her appear angry in expression however to the girls she seemed by her tone ,curious. She was a fine looking woman tall and slim in figure however if she wanted to she could probably take someone down with her muscular arms.






"Oh sorry Miss , we have them to film our experience at camp its our first time here." Celia beamed



"How sweet ,I don't want to see them out till you've been suited to a tent though girls, is that understood?" she ordered fiercely


"Yes Miss " replied Celia sweetly already tucking her camera away back into her backpack


"Fine" Rainn said reluctantly putting her camera away to


"Well then let me introduce myself..." said the councilor with pride , she moved up onto the entry away of the bus where everyone could see her stunning features before she opened her cherry red lips and spoke.


"Good morning campers , I trust some of you will remember who I am from your previous visits but for now those of you who don't know me I am Miss Maria Boolitte. And I will be your camp councilor for the one week you are down here , I don't put up with any nonsense so be warned if one of you misbehaves the whole group of campers will be punished ." she alerted the campers



"Now who's ready to see they're tents?" she finally said leading them onward to the forest



The air was so fresh , yet Rainn was still complaining about the striking stench of the outhouse how the hell could she even still smell it? It was miles away! But despite Rainn's moaning and groaning because of heaving along her fake Lou vitton luggage bag (she had even asked Celia to take it a number of times) Celia was excited and looking forward to her stay at the camp.


Every step she took was like one step further into an adventure! She was exhilarated she could hardly wait till tomorrow ,their councilor as they were walking along had mentioned there was a swimming pool , good thing he had brought her costume and a spare for Rainn seeing as she knew the reincarnation of the Grinch herself wouldn't bring one.



The ground became less bumpy with tree roots and instead became grassy and with one more turning out of the forest they came to a field with grass so green that it would make a person go blind , Miss Boolittle turned to the group of sixteen campers once more.


"Fair is fair , you and your friends will each pick a tent however I don't just give them out for free , you'd better show mw you want a nice place to sleep." she said taking the whistle from her identification card wrapped round her neck and brining it to her lips.


"Shoot." Rainn mouthed




"go, go ! " rain roared banking it hard to a huge pink tent, but accouple of girls all blonde and slathered in fake tan smacked her out of the way gaining the tent first , one of them began to laugh like a sheep before Rainn turned to her and gave her the most maniacal bitchy death stare that said "laugh again and ill kill you in your sleep" that shut the blonde bimbo right up.


"Over here!" Celia cried out in as she attempted to get a rather large tent before it was seized by a group of five girls all of them wearing rather sporty clothing that inferred to the girls they were pretty athletic and not to be messed with even if Celia got the tent first.



"Uh come on!" Rainn groaned in frustration "is this the hunger games for freakin tents?!"


Two girls smashed past them to a tiny yellow tent one of them shoving Celia over and cackling like a witch before she reached the tent , no surprise there it was Susan wades the girl whom always took the piss out of her in PE at school by tackling her in front of everyone during rugby (what a jerk) and funnily enough she was with her tiny little follower Rosa who liked to pretend to be best mates with her . However Celia showed no receipt to her in somewhat way attacker but instead got to her feet trying to force her feeble legs to a purple and pink tent shaded under a tree , it almost looked rather out of place within the darkness of the shade considering all the other tents where encrusted with sunlight .


It was the last one and their only choice .


"Well we have our losers then" Mrs Boolittle joked


"Well girls theirs only four of you, are you up for sharing its a pretty big tent."


Celia looked around there was some short but long purple haired girl with long eyelashes and a set of hazelly colored eyes to match in the most regal outfit , a red leather jacket and top from the designer Brand "GUESS" as well as her checkered red pants from the brand too that the bottoms covering her apparent Alexder McQueen trainers. Didn't seem like the most adequate outfit for camping in as well as her bag ,real checkered Lou Vitton that made Rainn think twice about saying anything to her about not being allowed to camp with them.


The other was that skinny gothic gal they had seen on the bus , she looked like if American horror story had been rebirthed into a human! Rainn would defiantly be saying a thing or to about her appearance .


"Looks like your sharing ladies." Mrs Boolitte said with a huge smile on her face


"Me and the corpse bride don't think so!" the girl in designer clothing riposted disgusted by the goth girl standing next to her just trying to pretend she wasn't in this situation by pulling her black hoodie over her head.


"It's that or you can go home on the coach Amber its still there after all. What's the matter don't have any of your little gang to back you up this year, what was it you called yourself again?" the councilor defended for the goth.


"wasn't it the queen camper gang or something ? yeah it was wasn't it , I knew they'd end up ditching you sooner or later." she continued


Celia and Rainn just looked at one another , had she really just said that to this so called "Amber" girl? However the this Amber certainly deserved.


"how comes you know her miss if you don't mind me asking" Celia queried



The councilor smiled and spoke wisely , " she's been coming for the past three years , she knows all the ins and outs of this camp , however she didn't know that I know a lot about her including why she has no friends anymore."


Miss Boolittle began to walk away before turning to the girls and saying one last thing in particular to Amber , " The truth hurts " .



"snooty cow" Amber uttered under her breathe


Celia could feel a pit in her stomach, looked like her plans were going to be very different now that Tim burtons Corpse bride had shown up and Richey rich.

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