I Want Him as My Dummy

A girl named Amber at Mt. Cap high school fell in love with a boy, Makhai. Not your typical boy, but a dummy. While she and her friends Catalina and Sophia find themselves in a crazy maze. With bullies Stacy and Addison following their every move. When Amber and Makhai are partners for a project and work on it at Makhai's house. Thing had happened.


1. The Beginning

              "Amber, what do you see in him?" Sophia questioned, "I mean like really."

"Yeah," Catalina agreed' " What do you see in him?"

" I've told you guys before," Amber answered "He's funny and cute and kind and goofy," They stared at her weirdly as she continued to explain. Just then Stacy and Addison walks up to them. "Look it's brat 1, 2, and 3" Stacy snickered.

" Yeah your brats" Addison said like an idiot

" That was the point of the joke," Stacy said staring at Addison, "Addison, your lucky we've been friends for over 10 years, otherwise I would have left you idiot self in bio class." 

"Well I'm prettier than you!" Addison yelled

"Well I have more money than you !"Stacy yelled back

" Actually that's your parent's money." Amber said with a smirk on her face

"Save it brat !" Stacy said

" Hey Sophia, Amber," Catalina whispered," let's leave these pea brains here." Sophia, Catalina, and Amber quickly ran to there next class, Algebra.


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