new is scary

This will be Ally’s high school experience as a color guard member of the marching band at a small school in a pretty small town. Enjoy ����

1. I

My heart is pounding. It’s been almost two months since I’ve seen some of these people, most of them I’ve never seen in my life. July 29th is tomorrow, tomorrow. July 29th is the first day of band camp, band camp. I’m 14, I’m in high school, I’m in the marching band in high school at 14. I don’t know why but I just cannot believe it. I cannot believe it. I don’t know what to think, am I going to be shut out from the rest of the high schoolers? Am I gonna be made fun of for being a “freshy”?

Maybe that’s not even what I’m worried about, maybe it’s just that I’m going to see Angelo tomorrow. I know it sounds sad that I haven’t seen my boyfriend in almost two months but his mom doesn’t even know. We would tell his mom, but we don’t really want to die so that’s a no.

What am I even worried about? It’s not even REAL high school, just 1/3 of it. Atkins is a small school with a big marching band because it’s a school for complete nerds but I’m not complaining, most nerds are good people.

Maybe I can go with Eowyn. Eowyn is my best friend, we’ve been best friends for about two years. It was weird how we met because we weren’t even really talking until after she left my school. It all started with an Instagram dm just asking how things are going with her new school. We saw Jumanji together and we were best friends, simple as that.

I guess I’m just worried about everything. My sister has loved high school and she’s told me all these great things about it compared to middle school, but it doesn’t matter how much good you hear about a new school, a new school is new, and new is scary.

Ok so it’s a short first chapter but I wanted to see if anyone would read before I kept going. If I get any reads, I should hopefully be back around, you guessed it, July 29th so stay tuned. Also if you ever catch any spelling mistakes, tell me. Also one more thing, this story is going to be my High school experience so If you’re a rising 9th grader, this might help you out a lil bit. 👍🏻

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