a girl who is bullied just because of the way she is


1. Memories

Scars run down the wrists of her hand along with the salty tears pricking her eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot red. She knew no one could help her. She was as invisible to others as oxygen is. Never heard. Always silent. Her silent cries were deadly. Always rejected by all around her. Always with her head down in the corridor and walks by herself and never dares to put her head up. The scars down her hands were the only thing to distract her from the pain she feels inside. Her name was Emily.

Not that anyone cared. Everyone always shoved her in the corridor. She felt that she needed to leave this world but always thought that god always put her there for a reason. She knew no one would notice if she left. The only thing stopping her from leaving was Nathan. Nathan was her best friend. Nathan was the angel of her life. If we want to understand her story we have to go back to the beginning



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