Jimmy the alien



22. 22

Chapter 22

   I had invited Peter home to help me sort out the computer. He had just followed me into my Dad’s special room, when looking around he asked, “So where’s the computer then?”

 When we reached the desk, the screen lit up. He exclaimed “Holly crap! My uncle would go ape shit over this.”

    “Well can you help me?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I think so last time I spoked to my uncle he said that his lot in Silicon Valley were experimenting on touch screen technology.” With that Peter just put his finger on the square 1900 to 2000 and hey presto the screen opened to a menu. He tapped historical events, next he chose “First space walk on the moon.” There was a newspaper article and a video.

         “This is really cool”, he declared.

     When Peter eventually did leave, I swore him to secrecy. Especially not to tell his uncle as my Dad had brought this technology back from the future.

     It must have been a couple days later that blabber mouth Peter accompanied by his uncle came knocking on my house door. After hearing about my Dad’s touch screen computer, his uncle had immediately hopped on the first plane available to see for himself.  

   To say he was bowled over when he saw the paper-thin screen light up was an understatement. Then to be told that the computer itself was imbedded within the screen was to him unbelievable. Naturally he wanted to strip the screen from the wall to see whether in fact an actual computer was hidden behind it. That and looking at the software I would not allow. He also was very insistent that he wanted to arrange for his team back home to fly over here. Eventually I told him to leave but not before I had mind tagged him. Peter’s uncle or not, I would have to get rid of him, if not his whole team.

      I was scared I had never attempted to transport over such a long distance. What if I fell in the sea and drowned? But it had to be done. No way could I just take a plane and get there in time. Also because of the hunters I had to be there in person. Peter’s uncle was talking to the authorities back home. Apparently, he had contacts in the State Department.  

    I shut my eyes and making time almost stand still, hoping this would give me the extra distance I needed I concentrated on the mind tag I had placed on Peter’s uncle.

     Within the blink of an eye, I transported across the vast expanse of ocean.

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