Boy meets boy; with this equations love always blooms and it was no different for Otto and Daniel. Yet love was slow and when it came the rest of the universe was against them, the short summer of 1939 brought them closer than ever but tore them apart just as quickly. Otto flees for Austria at the call of war bells and Daniel learns life in France will never be the same.
The summer of '39 was not like the summer of '38, Daniel knew this and he understood the ideas of conflict to know that even if he was doing all the same things he did that year it would still not be the same. Daniel simply did not care because the smallest changes in the way the summer unfolded were not enough to distract him from what truly mattered to him. Sure, Rosalie was not lying by their feet, her red hair glowing in the sun, and she wasn't sat in the shade of the willow tree making daisy chains and wild flower crowns but this moment still remained almost perfect.

Author's note

This was originally intended to be longer and I might revisit it but right now its a short story that ends before the French occupation.
The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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