Meeting Nathan Kress

Fifteen-year-old Walter goes to sleep one night dreaming of his favorite actor. Little does he suspect an unexpected and erotic guest is there when he wakes up, Nathan Kress himself! Takes place in 2008.

Author's note

This is a work of fiction that never took place.

1. Walter & Nathan

Walter sat at the edge of the stage watching to the cutie of the actor he'd been dreaming of for weeks, star of the TeenNick series Icarly and the movie Gym Teacher- he'd only heard on the movie recently and was keen on watching it. Walter closed his eyes and took in the deep, contented breath as the blanket he grabbed slid around him like a warm glove. He let the noise from the TV around him vanish as he listened to nothing but the sound of Nathan Kresss voice.

When Walter opened his eyes again, Nathan Kress was standing right in front of him, close enough to reach out and touch. That was just what he did, Walter reached out to him, hoping that he'd do the same for him, acknowledge him, maybe even want him! Walter touched his leg and he looked right down at Walter, giving him a hint of a smile and a wink. Walter groaned inwardly, his pants getting damp beneath his Hanes underwear.

Walter sighed, knowing the movie was nearly over and he'd soon have to go back to his boring normal life. Walter just wanted his fantasy to last a little longer. Little did he know that it would. He sat there, mesmerized by the teenage star standing before him, his cock growing each time he stepped closer and flashed that attractive smirk that made him squirm. 

Once the film credits rolled, Nathan started walking around the living room to the edge of the kitchen, teasing, humming, casting glances for Walter to follow. He just stood there, watching Nathan as he made his way around the room, noting that he had not said a word to him yet. He'd walked right past Walter four times as if he was invisible and he was starting to feel like he was just that.

Walter sighed, finally giving up on getting to meet the boy he had dreamed about since he was thirteen and headed for his room. He didn't get to take more than two steps away before he felt a hand on his shoulder. Walter turned his head slowly to look at the hand. It belonged to a boy, Caucasian and tanned with a faint outline where a chain once was round his neck. Walter slowly turned his head, his breath catching in his throat. His heart skipped a beat as he lifted his eyes to look at the boy who had placed his hand on his.

Walter saw him then, the boy that he'd been wanting for months, standing there behind him, touching him. He couldn't speak, he just stood there, slack jawed as he stared at the handsome face of Nathan Kress. Walter closed his mouth and tried to look away, but couldn't, he just stared.

"Leaving before I could say "Hi" to the most cutest guy in the room?" The voice in his right ear, gave him chills down his spine, the cutie's was soft and seductive, it curled around his body.

Walter tried to speak, but only managed a soft squeak and a shake of the head. He was paralyzed, frozen. Walter gulped down air and opened his mouth again, but was still unable to form words. Nathan laughed, shaking his head a bit, having had more than one person react that way to him before.

"It's okay, I'm not bad, you can say "Hi" to me." Nathan's voice made him quiver and Walter suddenly lowered his head and closed his eyes.

Walter drew in a breath, trying hard to compose herself, "Hi, Nathan."

That was all he could manage before his voice cracked and gave out on him. Walter didn't try to look at him again, he knew that if he did, he'd start quivering. Not in fear, but in feverish wanting. His pants were soaked now and he was scared that he'd smell his longed for desire. Nathan was so close to him now.

Nathan laughed, a low, deep rumbling sound that reverberated along Walter's spine, "You seem nervous, are you scared of me dude?"

Walter shook his head vigorously, "Anything but scared.."

His voice came out as a low awestruck whisper. Walter bit the inside of his lip, trying hard not to loose himself. He was so wet and so needy. Walter wanted to turn around and show him that he was anything but scared. He wouldn't, though. He just couldn't.

Nathan laughed again, realizing what the problem was now. "C'mon, let's hit your room and I'll help you calm down."

Walter gasped softly, hoping that he'd heard him right and turned around slowly, looking into his brown eyes, whispering softly, "Lets go."

Nathan put an arm around Walter's shoulder and bid him to lead the way. Walter nodded without speaking, Nathan eyeing him with a grin. Walter caught the look and wondered if the rumor had been true after all, that Nathan had lovers in every production that he was in.

Walter didn't question it as he let Nathan lead him into the bedroom. He was led past the other rooms that still remained quiet. The die hard, adore him in every city, clamoring fans. Walter could picture each of them gave him a dirty, jealous look and Walter just smirked to himself. Nathan had his choice of so many girls (and boys), but he chose him. He trembled slightly as he pushed the door shut behind them.

Nathan pushed Walter up against the closed door and lowered his mouth to his, taking it in a swift, rough, deep kiss. Walter groaned, his arms looping around Nathan's neck as he let him kiss him. Walter let himself melt into Nathan. His dream was finally coming true, he was kissing Nathan Kress!

Walter groaned against his mouth, catching his eyes, watching the raw passion come alive. He pushed off the door slightly, just to see if Nathan would let him have any control. Walter was shocked when he pushed back, pinning him tight to the wall, Nathan's hips pressing against his soft belly. His cock hard beneath the jeans he was wearing. Walter groaned, letting his hands slip from around Nathan's neck.

Walter brought his hands down to the snap on Nathan's jeans, opening them easily. He took a step back, giving Walter a bit more room to work while he slid the zipper down. Walter pulled his shirt free first and slid his hands beneath it. Walter slowly explored the warmth of Nathan's chest, strong and muscular beneath the tips of his fingers.

Nathan groaned this time, reaching to pull Walter's hands free, yanking his shirt off, then immediately shoving his jeans down. He wanted Walter as badly as he wanted him. Walter groaned, the sight of Nathan naked before him driving his senses insane. Walter reached for the hem of his blue t-shirt and pulled it over his head, leaving him in nothing but a skirt and panties. Walter hadn't worn anything under it, he wanted to be free against the cotton, he wanted to make sure that Nathan could see his nipples were hard for him while he was in his presence.

Nathan leaned down and captured one of those hard nipples between his teeth and bit down gently. Walter moaned and arched his back, burying his fingers in Nathan's black hair wanting to be able to hold him there. Nathan had other ideas, though. He grabbed Walter's hips, lifting him up off the floor easily, making him look down at him once he was raised so that the apex of his thighs were at the level of Nathan's mouth.

Walter gasped, watching Nathan from above as he held him up, using the door to brace him while he buried his face between Walter's legs. Walter moaned, reaching down to pull on his pants, pull it up so that he could get closer. Nathan pressed his nose into Walter's crotch, inhaling the scent of his arousal. Walter whimpered, dangling somewhat precariously, wanting to be able to shift, or at least arch, but he'd no leverage.

Walter felt his tongue along the edge of his pants, pushing them aside so he could lick at the sticky sweetness of her wet cunt. Walter groaned, finally figuring out how to catch his legs around Nathan's torso, giving him just enough leverage to thrust his hips some. Nathan groaned, pushing his tongue in between the wet folds, clamping down on the swollen lips with his own, giving Walter the most intimate kiss he'd ever received on his lips. Walter trembled, using his heels to rock himself some, giving Nathan a better angle.

He groaned, pulling back from Walter's ass and letting him slide down to the floor again, pressing him against the door so Walter could feel Nathan's cock slide along his body and settle between his thighs. He rubbed against Walter's pants a bit, making him moan even louder, his need growing more urgent with every second.
Nathan finally stepped back far enough that  could get his pant's button open so it could fall to the floor. He pushed his underwear down quickly to join them, wanting to be naked with Nathan. He looked Walter up and down slowly, licking his lips, "You look even better naked dude."

Walter blushed and bit his lip, "so do you, Nate."

He grinned, "So what is your name, anyway? I don't think we got around to that part of the conversation."

Walter blushed and grinned, "Walter."

"Sweet name, fits such a hot guy." He leaned in and captured Walter's mouth again, kissing him hard, tongue pushing it's way into his mouth this time. Walter groaned, mouth opening easily for Nathan's invasion, allowing him to capture his mouth completely.

Nathan took full advantage of his willingness and lifted him up again, carrying Walter to the bed against the far wall, laying him down there and following him down. Walter moaned, feeling the weight of Nathan's body on top of his. Walter felt the throb of Nathan's cock between his thighs and arched into him, encouraging the actor to take him.

Walter wasn't disappointed, either. He slid into Walter slowly, stroking in and out once. He lifted himself off of him and Walter frowned, wondering what he was up to. Nathan walked to were his pants was and reached in for something. Walter couldn't see what it was, but when he returned to him, he could see that he'd taken the time to protect himself.

Walter smiled, reaching for him, pulling Nathan back down on top of him and he slid smoothly into his body. Walter moaned, wrapping his legs around Nathan's waist, arching up to meet his gentle strokes. He kissed Walter, drinking from his lips as if he was the only one who could quench his thirst. Nathan pushed himself deeper into Walter's body, the rhythm considerably slower than the initial passion that had been there when they first entered the room.

He pulled out and thrust back in quickly, fucking him deeper than anyone ever had before. Walter groaned, arching up to meet each thrust, lavishing in the gentleness. He hadn't expected that, he'd expected hard and fast, he wanted hard and fast. Walter also wanted long and slow. He just wanted Nathan and now he was getting him. Nathan sped up the strokes, quickening the pace as he fucked Walter. He sped up with Nathan, his nails digging into the actor's shoulders as he met each long stroke into him. Nathan finally pulled back once, nearly sliding out of Walter's ass, just hovering above him for a moment before slamming his cock deep into his 15-year-old waiting ass. Walter groaned, the sudden roughness catching him off guard as his ass clamped down on Nathan's cock, milking and pulling him deeper.

He buried himself as deep as he could and came hard, his cock throbbing against the tightness of the other boy's muscles. Walter groaned, tightening his legs around Nathan, keeping him tight against Walter's body as he rocked. Walter's ass milked his cock a few more times as he moved against him, finally slipping over the edge and cumming herself. Nathan groaned, Walter's ass was squeezing down even harder on his cock, harder than he'd ever remembered feeling before.

Nathan pulled out slowly, carefully, making sure that he was able to get the condom out without breaking. He didn't want to end up hurting someone when he wasn't sure that he'd stick around long enough. He took care of disposing it and quickly returned to the couch, kissing Walter gently. He looked down at the sweaty boy and smiled, "Come over my place sometime?"

Walter gasped, not expecting that to be asked. He wanted to go. He'd nothing holding him here, really. He had aspirations of being a Youtube star. He could do things the way he wanted to. Could he really leave, though, that was the question that made him hesitate in saying yes.

"I want to, but..." Nathan placed his finger on his lips and smiled.

"You're scared cutie, I know. Come with me for the weekend at least and see if you want to? I'll make sure you get a plane ticket home if you wanna go back." He leaned down and kissed Walter, giving him a kiss like he'd never felt before.

A kiss that made him say, without a doubt, "Yes."

In that instant Walter woke up, in his own bed totally nude. He had no memory how he got there. On his bedside table a piece of paper with a cell phone number on it and a message:

Hey Walt,

Hit me up about the weekend.



Walter almost laughed and shook his head. This had to have been a dream...or was it?

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