Remember Me

Sometimes it takes to live twice to find out the truth.

Author's note

It was inspired by "Black" the Kdrama

2. The Beginning Pt2

He opens his eyes as a headache takes over his mind. He blinks several times as his eyes adjust to the lighting in the room. He starts to look around the room to see unfamiliar faces. A older woman was holding onto his hand, was fast asleep beside him sitting on a chair. He rapidly removes his hand from her grasp, which wakens her up. He pulls ups his hand a few inches from his face to only see the pale skin he wears and pulls out the other hand. This is an odd sensation, being inside a body. After his death, he doesn't remember how it feels to be alive again.  The lady who  held his hand, awakes and is happy to see him. She doesn't know that that is not her son. She doesn't know that Logan took over his body. 

"Hey" His mom whispers to him, with a smile on her face, but you could also see her sunken eyes from her late nights at the hospital with her son. "How are you feeling?" 

"Who are you?" He looks at her and then quickly remembers seeing her briefly in the boy's memories. She starts crying as she sees her son not being able to recognize her.  "I am your mom" She sobs out. "Do you remember now?" Logan then continues  to act as if he does not recognize her. He still looks confused, because he honestly does not truly know who she is. She gets up and goes out the door to get the doctor. Logan takes a moment to see the room and notices that it is night. He wonders what day is it and how long has it been since this body has been resuscitated.  The doctor comes into the room with a smile to greet the patient on the bed, as a woman in a white uniform follows behind him. 

"Hey, how are you feeling?"He asks, taking out his light, checking his pupils.

"My head is hurting terribly. Its as if I was hit with something. What happened? Who is she?" 

"Ok, I need you to calm down for a bit. Its ok. But can I ask you another question, what is your name?" He stays there for a second. He knows his name, but can't let them know that he knows, so instead he looks confused as if he were trying to remember the name. 

"Why can't I remember my name?" His mom starts crying uncontrollably. She is saddened about his son not remembering a thing, especially who she was. 

"Ok, we need to take an MRI scan of his brain, to know what exactly is happening. I am not so sure, but it can just be a temporary thing. Mrs. Kim, can I talk to you outside? " She nods and follows the doctor outside. The nurse stays behind to administer him some pain medicine. She gives him a warm smile. As if all is going to be all right.  Logan knows it will be all right. 


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