"So will you do it, I need to escape...just kidnap me...besides what do you loose, Nothing...nothing at all, and after all I'm attractive myself! It will work out, but we need to go now before the sun rises and the government trys to find me... We can go on a ship to Asia and they won't find me"
"Alright princess it's a deal, but remember if I get caught you owe me back"


1. Prologue

------------------January 21, 2013-------------------

'My name is Princess Isadora Oliveira Rose and all my life I lived in luxurious surroundings and my life was already laid out for me ahead..

I told what to do and where to go, how to speak and act, and how to look, but sometimes I just want something else....'

-------------June 14, 2014-----------------------------

'They say commoners write about their life in little notebooks or journals, so that's what I'm doing...writing about myself'

'...Sometimes I wish something extreme would happen, so there would be a change...a change that they weren't expected to happen'

'Or maybe I just want to live differently...freely where I wasn't told what to do, but I would never disagree with anything they say to me...

...And sometimes I want to explore the places I haven't been or even go to the outside beyond the walls of the palace and be free from everything...that's the only thing I wish to do before I'll become Queen'

------------------------November 29, 2015---------------------

'They say when I get married I'll be Queen and they always prepare me for the responsibilities and everything for when I am the Queen...

They also say I get married to a prince of a foreign country to combine kingdom's power, land, and loyalty...but honestly who cares about that...marrying some random person isn't my type to do things either, but who cares that will be a long time away...right?'


-----------------April 3,2016-----------------------

'Today I'll be turning 15 and in 2 hours they get me like every year and plan the same yearly party for nobles to come across Europe...

The only good thing about this is it is the only time I see anyone else besides all the servants and The King and The Queen'

"You're Highness, your attendance is to be at the Throne Room right away!"

"I'll be there as soon as I can" 

The princess put on a red gown and headed to see what they wanted

"Ahh, you have arrived we have decided in ten days instead of having the yearly parties, we'll have a ballroom party and whoever you like the most you can marry"

She couldn't believe her ears for a moment...she has to get soon...everything always went according to plan, she just wish one thing would be an unexpected event for them and not according to their plan


"We'll send the invitations to prepare for this, don't worry everything is going according to plan..."

"Wait...could I put all of the invitations to the post.."

"If you will agree and that is what you wish, you may if you take a servant"

Soon the princess gather the first 50 invitations then put a cloak and hood on and went out without a servant and for the first time she felt free.  She felt the wind, the breeze, the world, the people for the first time.

"This is what the atmosphere feels like outside, I'd better go"

At the post was annoyed people that they couldn't deliver mail

"I need this delivered to Vunidia don't you understand how important it is!!?" (Person 1)

"I'm sorry, but only residents can send out of the land" (Postman)

"You don't understand this is important, I am not going back in awhile!" (Person 1)

"Can't do anything about it" (Postman)

"Excuse me I have around 50 deliveries to make to the lands of Exlununvo, Meraji, Kolumi, Rivuzki......,........,Vunidia,Avridia, Kukoi,muhavu........,....,.....,....,.....,.....Nierviba, Hashula,......and Iveralyn"

"And you're a resident of our land?" (Postman)

"Yes, that is correct"

"..Did you say Vunidia...please would you send this to the land of Vunidia!" (Person 1)

" me on the side of the post and I'll tell you a deal..."

The blond haired male met the young princess in an alley besides the post.

"Please, tell me about Vunidia and why do you need to send it there.  I need to know if I can trust you...."

"I am from Vunidia, but I was to come here to learn about foreign lands.  Now I was to come back, but I have to go to different lands.  I need to tell friends back where I live what I'm doing, or they might think something has happened to me...don't you see I need you to deliver this!  You may call me Vettias" (Vettias) 

"This is the first time I've been out, this is the first time I ever felt free! My name is princess Isadora Oliveira Rose...and I'm the princess of this land, but I don't really want all my life being planned, doing what I'm suppose to do...I want to be free from all of that, but now I won't ever!  I'm soon to be at a dance then to be married, and I ask you to change the plan!"

"Me?  How would I, in a few weeks I'm heading to Asia would I be able to before that?" (Vettias)

"Make something unexpected happen please and I think you would be able to in ten days that is when I will!  If you can't before then and the plan is not changed...I must ask that you take me with you to Asia"

"How would I do that without getting taxed? I don't know...."

"So will you do it, I need to other words just kidnap me...besides what do you lose, Nothing...nothing at all, and after all I am attractive myself!  Trust me, it will work out, but we will need to go before the sunrises and the government tries to find me!  Then we can go on a ship to Asia and they won't find us, and with someone like you what the worst being with me as hot as I am"

"Heh... alright Princess it's a deal, but remember if I get caught, you owe me!" (Vettias)

"I'm glad you agreed, of course I send your letter to them"

Eight days past sense then and all letters went out, and Vettias couldn't do anything to prevent it, so Isadora would end up choosing to be 'kidnapped'


Author's Note: This book will probably be the next book I'll work on, but I won't continue for 15 days or a month, unless it gets popular quickly

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