The Golden Knight #1: The Boy is Summoned

In the beginning, the Kingdom was ruled by a wise and just King who ruled by the laws written in the ancient Book. The people were protected by the archangels and the heroic knights. All lived in peace and prospered. Those days are gone...

Flar, the evil fire lord, and his sorcerer, Murlox, have banished the King and his angels behind an energy field known as the Great Divide. The Book has been taken. The angels have fallen. The knights are gone. The people suffered. All that remains is the prophecy and a promise of hope.

Join Marsonee the archangel and Princess Rainna as they embark on a journey to bring an innocent farm boy toward his true destiny.


1. Prologue and Chapter One

     In the Beginning.......

     And this is how the Great Divide came to be. Once there was one Kingdom and the King ruled over his people with a just and fair law. The Law came from the ancient Book. Many had written the Law into the Book, but all of the Law came from the King. Through the Book and the King, the people prospered and there was peace throughout the land.

     But in those days, there came Flar the evil fire lord, who promised the people an easy way to an even better life. To gain this, they would only need to turn away from the Law of the Book and the King. The people were fooled by the empty promises of Flar and fearful of his armies.

     In the Great Battle, the people betrayed the King and his winged avengers. To save the Kingdom, the King created the Great Divide, a wall of supernatural energy, which separates the Kingdom from the people.  The Book remains in the hands of Flar who seeks to destroy it and all of its wisdom and power.  Only through the Book can a

person cross the Great Divide and regain the Kingdom.

      So the people have suffered under the harsh rule of Flar, the evil fire lord. They long to open the Book and enter into the Kingdom once again. And the people still remember the legends of the heroic Knights, defenders of the Kingdom and guardians of the people. Knights of courage and virtue who performed great deeds in the name of the King.

     So it has been for countless generations.......


     The King stood on the castle walls staring out at the energy barrier known as the Great Divide. Marsonee, the archangel, dress in full battle armor, approached the King from behind through a stone door. As Marsonee drew near, he knelt down on one knee.

     "You summoned me, my King?" Marsonee calmly asked.

     The King turned and smiled at his winged friend. He extended his hand. "Arise: he said.

     "As you wish," Marsonee replied, rising to his feet.

     "It is time," the King remarked, turning back to face the Great Divide.

     Marsonee was startled. "Is the boy ready?" he questioned. "Is he the one to fulfill the prophecy?"

     "The Great Divide can no longer be allowed to stand," the King said. "The people must be reunited with their King."

     "But if he is not ready....," Marsonee began.

     "Only time can determine if the boy is ready," the King answered, stroking his short, white beard in thought. "We cannot force him to seek his destiny."

     "And what of the Great Book, my King? Without it, there is no way to cross through the Great Divide. Only the Keeper can open the Book and reveal its wisdom. There has been no Keeper spawned in this generation."

     "Every generation has produced a Keeper of the Book through the royal family of Devon. This generation has been no different," the King replied.

     "The House of Devon has fallen to Flar and his armies of fire," Marsonee remarked. "King Devon has produced no heirs, save his daughter, and the Keeper has always been a male."

     "Things are not always as they appear, Marsonee," the King answered. "Surely, you would know that as well as I. You must have faith that events will transpire in our favor. You must have faith in the people."

     "What would you have me do then, my King?" Marsonee obediently asked.

     "You will go to the village of Arter and the boy known as Justin. His parents will willingly give him to you. You will journey with Justin to the city of Rone. When you arrive there, you shall go to the ancient cathedral. In the catacombs, underneath the church, you both shall find what you are looking for."

     "And you believe that this boy, Justin, can remove the sword from the stone cross?"

     "Have you lost faith in the very prophecies that I have created?" the King asked.

     Marsonee did not answer.

     "When the boy does," the King continued, "the Golden Knight and his mighty order shall be reborn."

     The King placed his hands on Marsonee's shoulders. "Go now, my friend. May you find your faith again on your journey."

     "I am your servant, my King," Marsonee replied, bowing slightly.

     Marsonee walked to the edge of the castle wall. His mighty wings opened and began flapping swiftly. Marsonee rose upward and, within moments, he was flying toward the Great Divide.

     Princess Rainna was led into the throne room of Devon Castle by two of the demonic fire soldiers of Flar. In past times, the throne room was a royal place, brightly decorated with the sun colors of her parents, the king and queen. Now, that elegance was gone. It had been replaced by the dark, red and black banners of Flar the fire lord. As she approached, Rainna saw Flar seated on the bone and wood throne which once belonged to her father as the head of of the House of Devon. Flar was an imposing figure. When standing, he stood seven feet tall. He was muscular in appearance. Flar was dressed in spiked armor with skulls on both shoulders. His eyes glowed with a red haze. Besides Flar, there stood the sorcerer.

     Covered in dark robes, the sorcerer was slightly older than Rainna with a slim, frail body.

     "Ah, Princess Rainna. How pleased I am that you could join us," Flar growled.

     "You summoned me and I was given no choice," Rainna responded. She was young and very beautiful, her flowing dark hair only accented her deep, green eyes and tender lips.

     "I believe you know my sorcerer, Murlox," Flar continued.

     "I know only that his magic has failed to open the Book," Rainna replied.

     Flar stood, his long cape spreading onto the floor. He walked over to a long table and poured himself a drink. "There has been a need to make some changes at Devon Castle. Your father and mother have been placed into prison for their failure to reveal to me the identity of the Keeper."

     "No!" Rainna cried. "They cannot reveal to you that which they do not know! Where have you placed them? I demand to know so I may see them!"

     "You shall make no demands of me!" Flar roared. "You are a princess in name only now. Their dungeon is not a pleasant place. Perhaps you have some knowledge that you would like to share. Perhaps of a secret brother?"

     "I know only of the prophecies," Rainna said. "And I know that I am an only child."

    "That is impossible!" Flar screamed, slamming his fist against a stone column. "There is always a Keeper of the Book!"

    "And where is the Book now?" Rainna asked. "It has been removed from the castle sanctuary."

     "I can assure you, Princess, that the Book is safely in my care," Murlox said. "Here in the castle."

     "I wish to see it," she said.

     "You shall witness its destruction soon enough," Murlox replied.

     "There is no power in this realm that can destroy the ancient Book," Rainna remarked. "No matter how many armies you bring, no matter how long you oppress the people, there will come a time when the righteousness of the King will return to this land led by the courage of his Knights. You know it. You feel it. The time is coming. Soon."

      "You should pray only that I do not grow tired of you," Flar snarled. "Away from me now, Princess!"

      "As you wish, Lord Flar," Rainna replied. She turned.

      "You shall bow to your master!" Murlox ordered.

     "I bow only to my King," Rainna replied. She was escorted out of the throne room by the two soldiers. After she had departed, Flar threw his cup against the stone wall, shattering it into pieces.

     "Her defiance to us only grows," Flar angrily said. "What do your visions say?"

     "What I see remains unclear," Murlox answered.

     "You lie! You have seen the Golden Knight in your vision!" Flar snapped. "Do not play games with me, old man, or you will find a dungeon reserved for you!"

     "What I have seen is foggy," Murlox calmly replied.

     "Then see more clearly!" Flar roared. "Use your magic and destroy that worthless Book!"

     "As you command, my lord," Murlox bowed as he backed away.

     Flar stormed out of the throne room, knocking over two soldiers who attempted to open the large, wooden doors for him.



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