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Here is a blog about an everyday girl who wants me to share her story

Author's note

This is for those of you who never feel like they fit in.

1. 8/16/19

Dear Journal,

I thought that this would be a different world. I moved to this place last July and I was a stranger. The kids picked on me throughout the school year and then even at camp. I made friends and yet these girls took them away from me.

So now I'm not yet ready to go back.

My name is Lia Hone. I'm now in the 8th grade at Mamie Florida and boy I was not ready. I walked in on the first day and we immediately went to the gym for pep rally to meet the new students and staff. Lets just say after that it was free game. I spied a ton of kids from last year so I sat by myself. The students were not any better. The girls that picked on me last year had it going lazy. I went to all of my classes and hid practically the entire time. All we did was go over procedures for each class and get our lockers. I was so bored by the end of the day I could just crawl into bed but yet I still had Cross Country Practice. There was a new kid to our school and she is on the team. i met her that summer at the first practice and we became good friends. She smiled and went for our run. I came home refreshed and cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight.

All for now,

Lea Hone

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