Can You See Her

A girl who’s tough and closed off never thought she could love anyone as much as her parents. An FBI agent who’s parents died at a young age never thought his heart could be mended. Then when the girl’s parents get kidnapped it’s up to her and the hot FBI agent to get them back. Will they find love along the way or will time get in the way.

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3. The Things You Didn’t Know

Chapter 3 The things You didn’t know

 I woke up a little bit later at night and I looked at my phone it was only 2:30 a.m. NIkki was passed out but something was bothering me. No matter where my parents were going they always tell me. They don’t have to but they always do and they were gone before I got up this morning and they didn’t answer my call. I know it’s probably in my head but it’s just keeps nagging me I try to relax and fall asleep a little later. For the rest of the night I slept well but I told myself I’d call them in the morning. When the alarm went off Nikki groaned as I turned it off. Nikki sat up after ten minutes reluctantly. 

    “Hey Nikki?” I have to ask her I need to know if I’m being stupid or not .

     “Yeah” she was still rubbing her eyes.

     “Should I be worried that I haven’t seen or talked to my parents since the day before yesterday” 

      “Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like them but they are probably fine don’t freak out about it just call them today. I’m gonna go take a shower.” I nodded as she walked off. I walked to my parents room  and took a shower in their room. When I got out I was looking for a towel in there closet and some files fell. I cursed under my breath after I wrapped my towel around me I bent to pick it up. It was labeled cooking recipes which was weird because mom always cooks what comes to mind she doesn’t like recipes because she doesn’t like to go by the book.  I opened the manilla colored files. It was filled with multiple fake passports with my parents pictures but fake names. I couldn’t breathe my breaths came quick and shallow. How could my parents,my sweet amazing parents be involved in something so illegal as this? I didn’t want to go on but I continued out of fear not knowing would be dangerous. In the file there were multiple houses. I searched the rest of the closet I found guns ammo and lot’s of other weapons. It’s like they’ve been living multiple lives it’s like I don’t know who they are. Now I know why we move around all the time why they take so many “business trips”  they’re supposed to be government officials. They aren’t supposed to be corrupted they aren’t supposed to be the bad example. I began to put everything back into the file and began to call Nikki but I thought twice because this could put her in danger. I put the file behind my back and walked back to my room. Nikki wasn’t out of the shower yet so I was able to slide the file into my backpack and got some clothes on. As I pulled on my leather jacket over my blue dress she came out of the shower. 

     “Hey you good?” She looked at me worried.

     “Yeah I'm fine no problem,you can just borrow some of my clothes for today. She nodded excitedly and took out some clothes. She finally decided on a sundress and a jean jacket. She struck a pose.

      “How do I look darling?” she was giggling. My mood brightened a bit and my body felt less tense.

     “Oh darling you look fabulous.” She flipped her hair and was like of course sometimes that girl is so extra. I grabbed everything and started to head downstairs. I began to shout back to Nikki

      “COME ON WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!!” I heard her whining 

      “IF WE LEAVE NOW I’LL GET YOU STARBUCKS!” after that she began sprinting. I set the alarm and locked the door behind us. I unlocked the car and got in. Nikki was already in the car eating a donut.

    “If I may ask where and when did you have time to get that donut?” I was genuinely curious.

    “I got it when you were setting the alarm now let’s go get starbucks.” I shook my head as I pushed the start button to the car and dropped my keys in the cup holder. I drove quickly to starbucks and ordered Nikki a Venti Chai Tea Latte and I got a Venti Black Coffee with three shots of espresso. After the morning I had I’m going to need an extra boost. We drive to school and pull into our parking spot. I’m shaking. Nikki grabs me and asks again 

    “Are you sure you are okay.” I shake my head yes still shaking. Nikki says okay then hopped out and headed towards the entrance dragging me along. When we got to our lockers we grabbed our textbooks and headed to class. I was planning to go to the library before first period but I’ll go at lunch. As we walked to Algebra class I looked at Nikki she’s my best friend I could tell her and bring her into a bunch of danger. She’s so care free I can’t do that to her. This is my battle and I got to fight it. We got into class and sat down. School is so easy I can just zone out and not miss anything. All of my classes went like that from Algebra,to AP Gov, To AP Spanish Lit, to AP English lang. Finally lunch I sent Nikki a text saying I needed to do research in the library. Technically it is research but not for school. I would’ve searched it up on my computer but a public server is less traceable. I take out the files from my bookbag carefully I search up everything scared of what I would find. My parents are in over their heads but most of the files and data are restricted. I have to get help but who I have no idea. I printed out the files I could find as the bell rang. I went to Art my next class. I zoned out, I’m frustrated with why they did this. My last two classes where Dance and Chemistry when they where over I headed to the car. When I got in the car something felt off I heard a ticking sound. I had a really bad feeling I threw myself out of the car. The moment I hit the ground the car blew up. My backpack along with the files blew up with the car the only thing that I saved was my phone.. I stood gaping as did everyone else in the parking lot what just happened. Someone is out to get me. As people started to gather around I pushed my way through and walked to the next bus stop when the bus pulled up I got on. I kept glancing around anxious to get home. Someone’s been watching me and someone thinks I know something. It’s bad enough that they tried to kill me. When the bus reached my stop I ran and kept running until I got home but when I opened the door the house was ransacked the alarm’s wires were cut and there was glass everywhere. There’s no way I can stay here. These people they know where I live, they know where I go to school  they know who my parents are ,and they know that I know.

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