The Hunter

Rule of the Hunters No. 1: Never help one of them.
The hunters have hidden in secrecy for more than a thousand years, living by a code that made sure they would stay hunters until they lay on their deathbed. Gabby is running from her future trying to fight what she is. When her father finds out that his daughter holds more power then he could ever wish to have, he must have her eliminated, willingly or forcibly.
Years after the exile of her father Gabby wanders into the hands of a group of scientists who say they are there to help. After interviewing one of the scientists, she knew she had to get out away. Without the help of a vampire, she finds herself out in the wild again.
Gabby’s life is changing faster then she thought it ever could. Can she make the right choices that will save her life? Is she still a Hunter after breaking the code?

Author's note

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1. Prologue

          "Your mission, My Soldier. Hunt and kill every one of them. Take this," My father handed me a crude stake. When I didn't take it, he opened my hand and forced me to hold it. 

          "Put it right here. Remember what I taught you and think of me as one of them." He spat the word in disgust. "I don't need to come back. This is your journey now. Mine has ended. Everything that I have taught you, all the times that you have snuck out and followed me or observed their kind that is what you're going to be for the rest of your life," He paused to take a breath. 

          "Understand that you will be much better of a hunter than I ever was. You are much stronger, faster, and a better hunter than anyone that has come over to this house," He paused as his eyes turned into the eyes of my father for the first time since I was born. 

          "Don't grieve for me. Even if you feel like you must you can't. It will get in your way. Nothing can get in your way," He said short of breath. I held his hand stronger and felt tears in my eyes for the first time.  As fast as his eyes changed to my father, they changed back to the warrior I had always known them to be. "Kill me! Kill me now!" He shouted, and I pulled the stake up and threw what I believe to be his heart.  

          Most people's last words to their loved ones are 'I love you', not with my fathers. I turned and saw with shock that the vampire that had killed my father watched me as I did my father's last wishes. 

          It was midnight I noted as the chime made a ding throughout the empty halls of this house. The stars didn't even seem to shin, like a death omen to plague this house. The dark night matched the mood of the whole place. I had to honor his last wishes thought and went straight for the vampire that had helped kill him. He still watching me but not really seeing me. I rushed him planting the stake that I had taken from my father's heart into his. I felt tears fall from my eyes but not a sound came from me. I felt my heart slowly turning black with hate and fury for vampires. Thinking only about how they can ill without mercy for anything that they want. 

Yanking the stake from the vampire's heart I held in it my hands for a moment before I stumbled out of the house. Walking away from the picture in front of me to the only spot that I had a little piece of me left. 

          Walking straight into the woods and to the largest oak tree. That was my little spot of heaven. My little spot where I could be anyone I had ever wanted to be. I had craved in footholds to climb the tree into the hollow that was in the middle of a tall tree. I started to climb it noting that the blanket I had put there the first time I snuck out was sticking out. 

          Someone had found this tiny spot of mine. I jumped down from the tree and went back home thinking that it was a better choice. I needed to get rid of the bodies before someone was called to take care of it. It wasn't going to be fun to tell them that a ten-year-old girl took out all the people here by myself.  I walked to the door and froze the scent of death wasn't there. I became grimmer. Someone had taken the bodies from my home. 



          I was born a Hunter and a Hunter I shall stay. Trained in the art of combat, fight and kill never to just injure like petty girls and boys do to win each other's heart or hate. This happened six years ago to date. I remember it like it was yesterday. My father's words ringing in my head as my mother died, as my younger sister was taken away to another family. I learned fast that I was not going to be normal. Acting like I had got me nowhere. I tried, oh how I tried to be like everyone else. I tried school and failed, I tried making friends and failed. I gave up soon on this failed attempt at a normal life like everyone else. It was my birthright to hunt and kill the undead.

          Walking out of my house one almost hot morning and saw an envelope taped to my door. I sighed and looked around thinking that it was some trap. I snatched it off the door and slipped back inside my house.  Inside of the envelope, it read, "Dear Hunter, we here at The Old Lab know you are in there watching us. This is your old house and you think us wrong. But you don't know this we are the good guys like you. We are here trying to find people to help us end the vampires. Meet us at The Old Lab on the 25 of February in 2025." The note ends, and I look out the window seeing someone watching from across the street. 

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