High school love

Cassidy Nilson is a tomboy like forever. Until Jake appear. SHe seems to have a crush on him so she changes. Now Jake talks and flirts with her but they are not dating. WHo is going to confess their feelings first.

Author's note

My first story . Please tell me what I can add to my story so you guys could like my stories.

1. How it all began

Hi, my name is Cassidy Nilson, but honestly people just call me Cass. I was a tomboy before take a look for yourself.

Now I look like I was never a tomboy.

Anyway I did this all for Jake clenton. My fifth love. Anyways I think he likes me but I don't know but I kinda friend

zoned him a little bit. People say we should start dating but we both turn it into a joke. One time, Jake confessed 

his feelings but he said it was a dare but when he was fake confessing it looked like it was coming from his heart.

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