Never More

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Do you know when you realize how long you have been friends with someone and are surprised? I have been friends with my friend Tilly for all five years of my life. She is a Golden retriever mix with German Shepherd. Tilly has a brown stripe down her back and is mostly a blonde color. I am a German Shepherd, Great Dane, Pitbull, Rottweiler, and hound. I mostly look like a Black German Shepard though. All my life I have been with her, we have gone through most everything together, besides being in heat. I am a male. I never really felt love for her besides instinct. I am blind in my left eye from trying to protect her. I was a rescued police and war dog, now I am a stray. "Roy!!!!" I bolted to see what was wrong almost falling face first. "What is wrong Tilly!" I saw a black figure. "Cowboys back!" She was so excited, Cowboy is her older brother. "Hi, Roy..." His deep voice made me shiver. Cowboy was a lot larger than me. I am pretty large. I am six and a half feet tall, Cowboy is seven feet tall. He is the toughest dog in his area. He knows that I am in charge around here. He learned that the hard way. "Hi Cowboy, what do you want!" I was getting ready to start fighting because that is the only reason he comes. He never comes to see his sister, only to fight. "Can't a big bro come to see his little sis?" a sneaky smirk spread across his face. "Not this big bro. What do you want Cowboy." "Roy is nice you may hate him but he is my older brother." She was concerned and probably mad me. We walked back about two feet back. "I know he is your brother but he is no good. You know that." I whispered to Tilly knowing that Cowboy could here me. "First let's see what he wants. Please." she gave me that sweet face that I can't say no to. I finally gave in "Fine." she is a master at being cute. "You realize I could hear you right?" He said a little dumbfounded. "Yes, I realized that. I did that on purpose. Why are you here anyway? You haven't answered my question." I need to borrow you, Roy."

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