Ashton & Lukas

Ashton (Cameron Boyce), a High School student and aspiring band performer living in upper Manhattan with his parents, meets Lukas on the subway while commuting home, and they have a night of mutually enjoyable smokes and sex.

In Memory of Cameron Boyce.

Author's note

The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

3. Chapter 3

Ashton was halfway done with his beer as he watched Lukas panting after downing his can. The look on his face nothing short of attractive. 
He had to bite his lower lip in an effort to keep his stirring hormones on a leash which was getting very difficult to do.

after a few cases of beer Lukas was shit-face drunk he began to peel his shirt off revealing the belly button piercing and his pierced nipples.

Ashton marveled at the different piercings Lukas had on his body-he wasn't kidding after all. The head of his boner peeking up as his eyes moved down from his nipples down to Lukas belly button.

"wanna see something crazy" Lukas asked a sly grin forming on his face as he stretched.

Ashton raised an eyebrow and a grin crept up  to the right side of his mouth. "Sure."

He pulled his pants and boxers down just enough so Ashton could see his dick piercing in the tip of his cock.

"Holy shit!" Ashton murmured, admiring both the piercing but more of the length of Lukas cock. He had to have been 8 or 9" at least. 
The coiling heat below his own PJs increased so much so, a hole was bound to burn through them.

"I have two more piercings but I want you to guess where they are..."

Ashton thought for a moment even though it was a long shot. 
"Uhh, on your balls and tongue?" he asked more or less nervous but with a dirty flirtatious air.

"You got one spot right but not on my tongue..."

"Please don't tell me they're under your armpits..." Ashton said a tad grossed out at the idea but not able to imagine the second piercing to be anywhere else.

"Nope" Lukas said simply. 

"Your ass?" Ashton asked having played the last card he had. This much he could say for Lukas, he was good at the guessing game.

He nodded stretching as he went to take a rip off of the bong.

Ashton's fingers sunk into the couch as Lukas removed the bong and suddenly he turned around, his white and firm ass on full view. 
He swore Lukas could've been porn star worthy- his could put even some of Calvin Klein celeb models to shame.

Lukas breaths in deeply his lips against the bong while lighting the weed.

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