Far away relationship.

Amy and Reon try to keep their relationship through texting and so does their friends. They tell themselves what's happening in their. join them and see their adventures. Fights crushes cute guys jealousy and mor.

Author's note

Please this is my second story. Please try to give me ideas to see what I can add to it. Um they will be many group chats not with only amy's pov. Check out high school love too.

1. The arrival

                                                                       Popular squad group chat

Amy: Hi ya'lls hru guys doing. I'm fine. The house isn't really bad. I mean I got the biggest room now since my parents know I didn't really want to leave. How are you guys doing back at ...... Home. I guess it would be really good if I could still call it home .

Monica: Hey gurl glad you're liking your new house and room. Hmm so you don't miss you're real at home.

Mikey: Hi girls is any of the guys here.

Reon: Hi Am, miss you already after this conversations can we talk in private.

Amy: HI Reon I miss you too you know, and yes I would like a little privacy.

Suzi: Sorry guys had to do homework. ANd hi amy liking your new house. We miss you so much. MR. Ray gave us a three day homework again. Sometimes I want to punch him in the face.

Mikey: Lol don't punch him to hard or you might make him get plastic surgery.

Amy: Guys where's kenin.

Suzi: I don't know I just talked to him before coming here.

Reon: 😮 and we thought you were doing homework.

Suzi: 😊

Kenin: Hi I'm here 

Monica: Am, when do you start school.

Amy: In the next two days.

Reon: Oh don't make too much guy friends

Amy: Don't worry I will make many.

Kenin: Reon grew more muscles to protect his beloved Amy from perverts. 😍😆

Amy: Stop joking around or you would never grow up.

Suzi: In Ela Chad farted and made the whole room stink. I could not breathe. I feel like it was so hot and stinky that I could feel my mascara drip.

Monica: Dang it must be have been really hot then

Amy: Guys eww gross.

Reon: Guess what.

Kenin: The basketball team is having a competition with Valley B's basketball team.

Monica: No wonder why you guys were sweating after practice.

Mikey: That's mean to say.

Amy: I  know what I'm wearing for the first day of school. It a cute short skirt and a cute purple top with a cute leather jacket.

Suzi: 😍

Monica: You would look great in it.

Amy: Sorry guys. I kinda want to talk to reon  real quick before I have dinner with my famil.

Reon:That would excellent timing.

Kenin: Bye lovey birdies.

Monica: Kenin babe can we talk in private too.

Kenin: Sure.

Suzi: Mikey

Mikey: FINE we can talk in private too.

AMY: LOL. Bye guys

Monica: Bye.

                                                            Reon is online

Reon: Hi babe

Amy: Hi reon miss u so much already.

Reon: I miss you more.

Amy: Anyways I can make guy friends

Reon: I know, but not too many

Amy: That, I get to decided.

Reon: Fine.

Amy: Are you ready for the championship.

Reon: Heck yeah.

Amy: I see then I will sign out practice more hey how about let's make a deal.

Reon: okay

Amy: If you win I can come over back and have the whole time to spend with you and if you lose I don't come.

Reon: Hey if so if we lose you won't come to see your love.

Amy: Idk 

Reon: I will win for sure.

Amy: I will pray that you lose.

Reon: 😩

Amy: 😀😀😊

Amy: OOpps gotta go eat dinner bye.

Reon: Amy wait I gotta ask you a question.

AMy: Byeee.

Reon: AMY Wait.

                                     Amy is  offline.


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