“Three men, having being killed, and five others, after inadvertently entering a portal, discover not only is there an afterlife, it is much more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

Having experienced a transitional period of shock, then acknowledgement, then despair, they concede life beyond this tier, or within the underworld, appears to be the final destination and place of retribution for men.

In the midst of desperation to discover whether this is true or if there is a way to escape, they learn the necropolis, a diamond-studded jewel they’d all but forgotten about trying to find, was imbued with a power critical to their having any hope of salvation.”


9. Afterword

You’ve reached the end of the first part of Book One of the series. If you liked it and you’re interested in finding out what became of Daniel, Ali, Penal, Sodom, and Asfar, the characters introduced in the first two chapters, the release date for the continuation of the story is May 1st, 2020.

Please note, it won’t be posted in serial form. The continuation, including this first installation you've read, will be released in its entirety as an eBook and other formats at various seller outlets.

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The characters mentioned above, Daniel, Ali, Penal, Sodom, and Asfar, are the ones who entered the lair, the cave featured on this book’s cover, an alternate more frightful entry to the underworld in which the antagonist Nyeusi and his people had a stronghold.

You may recall Ali was the one behind hiring the three poachers, Ossouna, Keita, and Aswad, who were killed by lions and ended up at the underworld.

Ali and his peers get their taste of what life there is like during the continuation of the story, where the environmentalist antagonist Nyeusi, remains the work's central character. The necropolis, the jewel that Ali and his peers had all but forgotten about, is found. Why it is significant, to say the least, more so than any of them knew, is something also revealed in the story's continuation.

The archangel, featured on the cover of Book One, also is introduced during the continuation of the story. Join my email list to stay abreast of it all. Go to in order to do so. There is so much more to come.

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