Im backkkkk. Tea?



1. Guess. What.

So. Its been 2 years since i last was here under stephe_queen. And i met some of u 5 years ago. For example my bf. 5 years ago i found this site 4 storys. Soon to find friends. Well i met the love of my life 2. Some of you might remember emofreakcake. Wellafter 4 years back and forth we got back together. Weve been dating 7 months now. And 4 months ago we met in person and he came to my hoco. In may hes going 2 my prom and graduation.  And if it wasnt 4 a handful of u i wouldof never met the love of my life. And 4 my thanks. 4 my 5 year reunion. Ill be trying to publish a working progress of3 years on here. Thx u old and new friends. 4 a whole new world

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