Twilight - Hunters Moon (unfinished)



1. Before the Moon

Renesmae is walking hand in hand with Jacob through the reservation to the push , watching the pack wrestle and push one off the cliff I looked shocked , Jacob reassured me they are just playing , and then Bella , Edward , double dive off the top of the cliff .. half way diving Bella and Edward look at each other , hearing fast running through the forest knowing by the scent that it is Alice who brings a vision , Alice says that when the hunters moon come upon us all the wolves will be out of town and the vulterie are going wild hunting , renesmae asks Carlisle for help . Jacob sets the off to another wolf pack he had encounted as a boy with his father had told him they are always your allies . The alliance between the cullins and the wolves grow stronger and stronger and the vulterie don’t like this and want to take action but are hesitant because of alices last vision . Renesmae and Jacob discuss what it is they can do . Jacob says : I need to go !! I need to merge these 2 wolf packs together if we ever have a chance against the vulterie , renesmae puts her hand to Jacobs face , kissing him goodbye

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