Venus is not the type to get out of her comfort zone, but when her friends start to pressure her, she decides that she is done sitting on the side lines. Vigor, a computerized game of dare makes Venus' life turn upside down and meet the love of her life. Trying to find her way through the twisted game of life and death she may have found a way to keep everyone from getting hurt or worse killed including herself and the ones she loves.

Author's note

Hey guys, thought this book would be a good one. Hope you enjoy. Please DON'T steal any of my ideas. Thanks.

3. To Steal or Not to Steal

"Do you think I need to go in?" I ask after our ride into the city.

"It doesn't say that." Raymond says with a cute look on his face.

"Oh, well. Okay." I say, a little embarrassed.

"Will you be alright getting home?"

"Yeah. I'm kind of tired. I think I'll get going and slowly make my way to my house."

"Okay. Umm, it was nice to meet you."

"Yeah. I'll, uhh, see you later."

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." I say with a smile and watch him walk into the nearest store. I'm about to walk away when my phone dings with a new dare. Try on this dress. Underneath the yellow text is a picture of a blue sparkling short mini cocktail party dress, with a form fitting sheath silhouette, with half sleeves.. I accept the challenge and run into the store that Raymond went through. I walk up to someone that looks like they work there, in a pinstripe suit and ask them where I can find this dress.

"That's very expensive." she says and looks me up and down. "Fifth floor."

"Thank you." I say and run towards the elevator. I look back down at my phone and notice that I have a minute and a half to find this dress. The elevators doors open to the right floor and I run out trying to find the right dress. I finally find it in the back room and walk around the mannequin to find the price tag. $3,995.00. I look around the room and see no one so I take the zipper and start to unzip it from the mannequin. 

"Please don't undress the mannequin." A lady in a black suit asks me. She looks at me and asks, "Would you like to try it on?"

"Umm, yes."

"Let me find one in your size."

Umm, thank you." I say and look down at my phone. 45 seconds. "And could you hurry. I'm late for a... party."

"Of course." the woman says. 

15 seconds later, she walks me to a changing station. I close the curtains and start stripping out of my clothes. I pull on the dress just as the timer on my phone hits zero.

"Okay. I'm done. How do I look?" Nothing happens so I tap on the screen and wait for it to say that I completed the dare. I catch the reflection of myself in the mirror and step up to take a look at myself. I grin and pull my hair out of the ponytail that I put up in it. "Hey, beautiful. Can I get your email number? I mean your info?" I giggle at my own stupidity and then turn abruptly when I hear my name.



"You look beautiful." he says as he looks me over.

"Thanks. You, too. I mean you look hot or handsome or whatever." I say, trying not to ramble. His phone buzzes and he looks at the screen. He turns the phone camera my way and smiles so that two dimples show up on his cheeks. 

"The watchers want me to finish your dare." he says. I smile and pose. He laughs and tugs on my hand. He tells me to sit in a chair and wait for him to get back. I sit down and look around with a big smile on my face. Raymond comes back with a box and starts taking out a pair of silver sparkly heels that look about 4 inches tall. He takes off my Adidas and my socks and puts the heels on my feet. 

"How much are them, young sir?"

"Those will be 900 dollars, madam."

"Well, in that case, I will get one for the city." I say and laugh.

"Excent choice, mademoiselle. I'll wrap them up for you right away." he says and laughs. After we put the shoes back, we go back to our respective changing rooms. I look around for my clothes and see nothing. I walk to the changing room beside mine thinking I must have gotten the wrong one, but see nothing. I look around the main changing room area, but see nothing and start hyperventilating. What am I going to do? Where the heck did my clothes go? Did someone take them by accident?

"Ve?" I hear from outside my changing room. I open the door and grab Raymonds wrist and pull him in. 

"Did you take my clothes?" I ask.

"No. My clothes are gone, too."

"What are we going to do?" I ask and at the same time our phones buzz. Leave the store. "No."

"We can do it. Let's make a run for it." he says and starts turning away.

I grab on to his wrist. "No. There has to be another way."

"There isn't." he says. I look back down at my phone and realize something.

"I mean technically, it says we just have to leave the store." I say as I look up at him. "Right?" He gets a glint in his eye and starts taking his clothes off.

He sticks his head out the door and checks to make sure the coast is clear. We hide and run so that most people don't spot us. We make it to the elevators and wait for the doors to open. Once inside, we stand in complete silence. I try to bring my hair to cover my front, but it doesn't help much. The doors open on the third floor and a couple walks in. We look at them in silence. Reymond takes my wrist and pulls me out. We run to the escalators and go down three floors as people stare and drop things out of surprise. A man waves his arms as we run by and calls us dirty names, but we run past and fall out on the street. I am blinded for a moment because of the darkness and the flashes of cameras. Reymond pushes people out of the way and runs across the street. A bag sits on the top of Raymonds motorcycle.

"Are those our clothes?"

"Not really, but close enough." he says and pulls out the suit that he was wearing.

I grab the blue dress and ask, "Are these stolen?" He digs through the bag and pulls out the receipt. I pull on the dress so that I don't have to stand in the street almost naked. "Who payed for these?" I ask as Raymond zipps my dress.

Raymond looks behind him and says, "Probably one of the watchers payed for it with one of daddy's credit cards."

I smile and realize that that dare was $2,500. I giggle and jump up and down excitedly. 

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