The Sleepover Disater

5 girls
a huge sleepover
no parents
i mean what go wrong

Aella and her best friends are having a sleepover. Her parents are gone for two months and sadly her boyfriends SHOULD be at camp all summer. But what happens when family drama gets in the way? Even worse when something keeps killing the girls off one by one. One of these girls must find the killer and kill them before it to late

Author's note

Hello guys, this is my first book , but please tell me IF i need to fix anything. i will take all commons generously

1. It's On

 I quickly ran into the house after I ended the phone call. I ran into my room and grabbed my stash in which my parents did not know I had and set it up downstairs. As I was finishing setting things up in the living room, I felt a vibrate in my pants. I opened up my phone and pressed answer wonder “who the hell was this?”? The tone of the voice sounded dark and menacing and around my age as he said “ We will be watching you for a couple months  now, and we hope you have fun, he laughs. “We know you're home alone right now and about to have a sleepover but just wait….. it will be a disaster.” .As it seemed as he stepped away from his phone he said bae but it had to be a prank right I thought. “It is Halloween in a couple days so I would understand.” I wondered though who would know me enough to call me bae but quickly dismissed the thought and ended the call. Just as I need the call, at least one of my friends came ringing at the buzzer of our gate. “Hey it me Ash, could you open the gate by any chance?” I almost want to reply a boring yes bu tho with a funny part “ I mean do I have to, it’s just the button is so far away” p. The silence was almost deafening as I pictured her face scowling at the speaker as she said “ whelp, guess no cookies from my grandma specifically to you..” “ ahh “she sighs guess the rest of us could just eat them”. I almost immediately press the button hearing the gate over with tires over the rounded gravel. I hear four thanks course slowly fade as I run to go open the front door. “Hey girlies” I almost scream and open the door wider for them and they walk into my house. “Wow” says Maddie “I forgot how big your house is”. Echo and Ella, twins I might add, chorus with “and really pretty”they giggle then say jinx no I said it first said Ella. Well.. I say, want to get this party started now ? “They all scream yes” and I reply back with “get dressed in your bathing suits, it’s swim time!” Ok girls I will get dressed because I know the bathing Suits are on under your clothes already” I say giving them a sour face. They all smile giving the face of “you were right” fine, they all say. I ran into the house and get dressed but as I am putting sunblock on, because it’s still hot in Texas in autumn, I get a call and almost smile. I Answer real quick saying “ hey baby, what are you calling me for?” I say walking downstairs. “Just need to hear your beautiful voice again” Uri says on the speaker. I replied saying “ fine i know my voice is scratchy so you must be lying to me,” I continue my walk outside “plus your leaving me for 2 WHOLE weeks and you know I will miss you.”. “I know I am sorry but like I said this may be the last time I ever see my great grandmother.” Uri replies. “I know what just never mind, my friends are waiting on me because I am the host”I sigh “ I love you baby,” I say.” I … you to bae”as he ends the call. I wonder why he hesitated with the words.. the thought quickly vanished and I grabbed the towels and joined my friends.

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