Caribbean Blue

I recently had to write a fiction story for English class I wrote this one for that class in about 2 and 1/2 days I hope you enjoy it!


1. Chapter 1

Eyes. Mom always told me if you look into someone's eyes, you see straight into your soul. My eyes are blue. According to mom they’re ocean blue. I have never seen the ocean, but I dream about it. The crashing waves. The water pulsing and pounding against the shore. It is a comforting kind of chaos and yet I find it peaceful. My whole world has been turned around and I have found myself waiting to board an airplane. The law has changed and now I am going to be shipped off just like the rest of my family.

My brother Sam was shipped to the army when I was nine. My Father has been MIA since I was three, and on top of all that Mom is being shipped to Japan to help cure a deadly virus, and I don’t know if I will ever see her again. I am only 16 years of age and so Mom can’t leave me home alone without knowing if she will come back. Ever. 

So here I stand in the airplane terminal. Mom has already hugged me, and wished me all the luck possible. Sadly I am already starting to lose my memories of her. Alone. I am so alone and now I am scared. I start to breath heavily as the intercom calls for my flight. I have never been on an airplane before and so I try to keep as calm as possible. It might not be working. The terminal attendant takes my ticket as I glance into his eyes. Brown, deep brown, like dark chocolate. The memory of Sam and I making dark chocolate when I was 5 instantly cures any nervousness I have floating around inside me, and I momentarily remember I know how to breath.

I board the plane. It seems so large on the outside yet the inside is incredibly small. I wonder what all the extra space holds. I sit and close my eyes. Once again I dream about the ocean. The calm and soothing chaos fills my head and the plane exits.

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