Overlord Movie Novelisation

On the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers drop behind enemy lines to penetrate the walls of a fortified church and destroy a radio transmitter. As the soldiers approach their target, they soon begin to realise that there's more going on in the Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. Making their way to an underground lab, the outnumbered men stumble upon a sinister experiment that forces them into a vicious battle against an army of the undead.


5. Wafner


Ciel Blanc was only through a clearing in up ahead in the forest and although Boyce thought the young woman might try something, try to run away or something but she didn't, instead she took them straight there. Creeping through the clearing and ahead onto Ciel Blancs main walking path which lead them to the charming little village Boyce was thankful for the sprawling cottages that shadowed him from the Kraut soldiers driving around on the main road nearby and patrolling the streets. They went unnoticed as Chloe lead them round the back end of the village past smoking piles of rubble one of the piles even having a smoking crucifix atop of it.

Tibbet clicked his tongue and spat down on the ground, “Flip-in Nazi’s” he growled lowly. Boyce looked down at the smoking cross and remembered what Sargent Rensin had said, they thought they were “Christ almighty”, he was right.

The young woman began inching forward to a small cottage with a garage round the side of another building trying not to make a sound before she suddenly stopped and pulled Boyce forward and pointing up at the house.

“J'habite ici” I live here she claimed with a worried look on her face, Boyce knew what she was thinking and he wanted to let her go as well after all she dint seem dangerous , just scared.

Boyce turned to Ford nodding at him before he spoke, “this is where she lives”.

“Ask her what we're going to find in there, If she lives with anyone.” Ford demanded making sure his rifle was visible.

“Vivez-vous avec quelqu'un?” Do you live with anyone?

“Ma tante et mon frère, il a huit ans” My aunt and my brother, he’s eight. She stated truthfully looking at Boyce and trying to ignore the rifle that Ford was making sure she could clearly see.

“Just the aunt and kid brother.” Boyce re-told Ford before pushing Fords rifle back down out of view.

Ford frowned at him pulling the rifle back into view making the young woman hiss at him, she clearly wasn’t afraid of him.

“We’re going to check out the house , Boyce you stay here if she runs shoot her.” Ford hissed back cocking hi rifle up towards the house and leading Chase and Tibbet forward.


The young woman watched as they disappeared round the side of the garage, she was breathing heavily as she then turned and looked at Boyce her eyes pleading with him but Boyce seemed to scare her even more trying to maintain her fearful gaze with his own.

He then watched in horror as the woman fled from hi side round to the front of the house knocking over some flower pots.

Suddenly a figure appeared at the window of the cottage opposite, it was an older wrinkled woman with pink hair rollers in that went with her silken pink dressing gown.

She scanned the ground below her trying to make out who was there before she grabbed a pair of glasses from her pocket, Chloe turned her back to the woman and pushed the now alarmed soldier that had followed her flight from him moment ago into a ditch so he wouldn't be seen.

“qui est là, bonjour qui est là-bas?” who is there, hello who’s there? The old woman with hair rollers yodelled whilst trying to tackle putting her glasses on at the same time.

Chloe turned to the older lady at the window who was squinting her eyes at her with folded arms before pushing the windows further open.

“Madame Lesnar c'est juste moi, c'est juste chloé.” Madame Lesnar its just me, its just Chloe she tried to calm her.

“Vous n'êtes pas censé être dehors, j'appellerai le capitaine, il vous emmènera à l'église!” Your not supposed to be out, I'll call the captain he'll take you to the church! The woman began shrieking madly before taking something else from her pocket, Boyce spied easily what it was as it glinted in the moonlight, it was a whistle.

“Non, je rentre à la maison, voyez, regardez!” No I’m going home, see, look! The young woman begged, “S'il vous plait, ne le faites pas! je rentre à la maison!” No please don't! I'm going home! The young woman waffled but it was too late the pink blister of a woman was already bellowing the whistle!

“Cette fille est sortie du couvre-feu!” This girl is out past the curfew! The woman hooted like an owl into the night.

It wasn't long before three Kraut soldiers came running over laughing at the young woman Boyce now sort of knew as Chloe and snatching her bag from her. They began rooting through what she had scavenged throwing it out among one another and jiggling it in her face before she began trying to snatch it from them.

All of a sudden a booming voice came across the small village area, a strong German one, an authoritative one. Boyce stared up from the ditch trying not to be seen as he stared in terror at where the voice had come from, it was a tall broad man clad in a black army flat cap with an eagle pendant upon it that was shiny as his black bots and black trench coat that flew about him as the wind blew. He had a menacing face painted with vain and fury, he didn't appear at all to be friendly despite the fact that he told off his fellow troops harshly waking one of them around the face only to get Chloe’s bag from him and hand it back to her with a vile smirk.

“Désolé mademoiselle Laurent, veuillez rentrer chez vous.” Sorry Miss Laurent please go home. The German soldier requested before moving out from her way and clearing a path for her with his arms wide open.

The young woman cowered by him with a stiff smile trying to avoid eye contact, she was clearly just as afraid of him as his own soldiers.

“Oublier quelque chose?“ Forgetting something The menacing man coolly stated

 “Merci Wafner.” Thank you Wafner Chloe mumbled stumbling back towards the front of the house.Whoever that German man was Boyce didn't like him, and neither did the young woman as it appeared.



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