Jeff is it you?

Emily is a girl with a big brother there is named Jeff and some friends named Kate and Eliza, Jeff disappears, one day and it changes everything.


1. Jeff where are you?!

Four years ago, the brother Jeff disappeared. He were outside with his friend Eliza, they were trying to find wood so they could get some fire in the fire place. Until Eliza came running into the house with Jeff’s jacket. He is gone!, she said while tears ran from her eyes. Emily stood there shocked, when Emily finally could move her body a little she took the jacket and hugged it, how?! We are the only people who live in these woods. Hours later the police came, they interviewed Eliza and our friend Kate. Kate said she were with Emily, and it were true. Eliza said she were with Jeff all the time. And Emily...she were trying to find some clues.


Two years later.

Emily! Can you get the dry clothes for me!?, Emily were planting flowers in the garden, Of course Eliza!, Emily got the flowers planting done and ran back to the house. Emily were done taking the dry clothes when she notice a shoe, Hey! Eliza is that you’re shoe?, no answer from her guess Eliza were busy. Emily walked around the corner..A scream came from Emily, It were a boy, he had a knife and had killed….Eliza… The boy saw Emily and stood there in a little time looking at her. Emily froze, it looked like someone she have known. Then the boy ran, Emily looked after the boy there ran into the woods. Emily got to herself and rust over to Eliza, Eliza! Can you hear me?! Eliza!, she got no answer, tears ran from her eyes, No..No! Eliza..I can’t also lose you to!. After some time of crying Emily notice something on the ground, it was a mask, she took it and layed it in her pocket. 

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