Jeff is it you?

Emily is a girl with a big brother there is named Jeff and some friends named Kate and Eliza, Jeff disappears, one day and it changes everything.


3. We found you!

They have been running through the woods in hours maybe days, but haven’t found anything, Kate thought it were time to get to a place really longer away, the hole place were really giant, it was many woods there had grown together to one forest, a giant one.

Kate and Emily have been running for a pretty long time now, they realized that they have gotten really long from the house, and that meant there were no return back now. 


Four day later of running, they finally came to the scary part of the woods, I think were here Emily! Emily and Kate were really tired of running, they haven’t got much sleep, what is in this part of the woods? Emily said, they walked again into the scary woods, there have been rumors about these woods, Emily looked confused, rumors? what rumors?, before Kate answered they heard a stick break, Emily was that y-you?! Kate looked scared at Emily, n-no Kate wasn’t it y-you?! Out of nowhere they heard voices, Come! said Kate while whispering, they walked slowly over to a bush and sat down to look who were talking, Seriously Jeff! Was that you’re best attack!? Emily heard the name Jeff, and she started crying but took her hands on her mouth, You can try doing it better!, Emily looked over the bush again and gasp! It was Jeff! Her brother were standing right there! With someone else, Emily couldn’t take it anymore, she stood up fast and ran to him, Emily no!- Jeff and the other guy heard it, Jeff saw Emily running while saying Jeff! Brother! I missed you!, she jumped right to Jeff’s arms, Jeff knew it were her, and took her in, Kate stood up and walked out of the bush. Emily and Jeff hugged each other, until Jeff pushed her away and, what are you doing here?! You shouldn’t be here, Emily look turned from happy, to sad and angry, What were doing here?! You have been gone for four years!, Jeff looked shocked, no can’t be, they said I only have been away for some weeks, Jeff looked at the other guy, but he were gone, Jeff looked around, Well! The plan were to kill you when you found your sister again! So either do you forget you’re sister or die, I'm actually tired of you being better than me so I choose die!, he almost flyed through the air while holding a gun, Jeff closed his eyes and whispered, I love you sister, he fired the gun, and a loud BANG! came, Jeff opened his eyes and realized that it weren’t him but Emily who got shot, blood came floating out of her, Emily protected Jeff from dying, Jeff catched her, she were laying in her arms J-Jeff….Emily’s voice we're like a whisper, I’m so sorry...I wish….I could be a better sister, her head laid on my shoulder, she were dead, Kate were crying and ran to them, Emily! Wake up! Emily!, Jeff gave Emily to Kate, Jeff walked over to the other guy who just stood there, Oops! I guess I killed her instead of you, now she is gone you can get ba-, Jeff took a mask off he had, everyone that Jeff had lived with in these four years knew whenever he took his mask off it were no good, and everyone should be running, Jeff pulled out his knife and ran faster and faster, the other guy were really scared, he never had beaten Jeff with his mask off never, Jeff jumped up and the other guy looked at him terrified, Jeff stabbed him right in his head, and jumped away right before he landed on the ground.

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