Jeff is it you?

Emily is a girl with a big brother there is named Jeff and some friends named Kate and Eliza, Jeff disappears, one day and it changes everything.


2. We won't give up!

Kate came home, she were in the woods to get food to all of them, but she dropped the food when Emily told her that Eliza have been killed by a boy with a mask on. Emily showed the mask to Kate, something happened to her cause her look turned to a serious look, Emily did you see who he looked like?!, Emily got a bit scared but answered, H-He had black hair and that mask, rest I didn’t see. Kate ran over to bookshelf and took a book out, it were our family pictures, Kate looked in the pictures for a long time until she dropped the family pictures and just looked at them in a shocked way, Emily! I think I know who killed Eliza! she said while running over to the kitchen, Emily looked confused at Kate, What you mean? Do you know him?, Kate turned her head and said, You remember you’re big brother Jeff right?, Emily looked more confused at Kate, Of course I do Kate he is my brother, Kate walked over to Emily while looking at the floor, she turned her look up to Emily, Emily could see there were fear in her eyes, well I think we just found him.


Emily and Kate ran through the woods the next day, with some food in a bag and some weapons (Knifes and a gun they had), Kate how are we gonna find where he went?!, they stopped to take a break of running, I think we need to get longer than just these woods, she said while trying to get air, Emily look at her confused, so your telling me that he is longer away than these woods?, Kate looked really annoyed at Emily, yes that was just what I said, Emily and Kate laughed. After some time of taking a break, Emily realized that she never have been so long away from the house, Emily were scared but also excited.



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