Jeff is it you?

Emily is a girl with a big brother there is named Jeff and some friends named Kate and Eliza, Jeff disappears, one day and it changes everything.


4. This is the end..

Jeff had his dead sisters body in his arms, he cried his eyes out, This is all my fault! If I had been faster she would live right now!, Kate took her hand on his shoulder, Jeff looked at Kate, her tears ran as well. Jeff laid his hand over Emily’s eyes, he took the hand down so the eyes would close, Rest now sister...You’ll be with us in spirit, Jeff’s tears fell on Emily’s face, Come on Jeff, it's time to get home.


Six days later they finally got home, they went immediately over to the flower garden to bury Emily. Hours have been going and they finally got Emily buried, flowers were on the grave and a picture of her, Rest in peace Emily, said Kate while her tears ran, Jeff laid his hand on the grave, You’ll be with us...until we join you.


Now it have been seven years since all this had happened, and I still think of it, I still wish she were here with me. Me and Kate realized we had feelings for each other for a pretty long time. We miss Eliza to, after we buried you, we buried Eliza, we miss her to very much, but she is here, she is with us, just in spirit. 

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