The Interrogation Room

Detective Olivia Short was assigned to interrogate an odd 18 year old by the name of Douglas Brown, and odd kid accused of stabbing and murdering a woman named Ellis Washington. But as Detective Short puts all the pieces together, she starts to see a different side of the story...


4. Part 1, Chapter 4

"Come on, love, come to bed," Detective Shorts husband, Sebastian, sighed, rubbing her arms. "It's 1:00 in the morning."
"I can't. I have to figure out how he answered my questions. He told me he answered them, but I wasn't paying attention, or something." 
"Olivia, this kid is just messing with your head. He might be lying."
"No," Detective Short said. "He isn't lying, I can feel it. You're right, he is just messing with my head, but
there's something to the things he's saying." she rubbed her head in agony. Oh, how she was tired. But she felt so close to understanding what he was trying to tell her, he couldn't stop now.
"Okay," Sebastian said, giving up. "But if I don't see you in bed by 4, I'm coming to get you."
When she heard their bedroom door close, she instantly replayed the tape.
"On November 7th, 1999, A woman by the name Ellis Washington was found murdered in a farmer named Cooper Macdonald's field. Your fingerprints were found on her neck, her boots, and her wrists."
"Here's a good idea. Why don't you let me go, grab ol' Cooper Macdonald and interrogate him."
"We have, of course, interrogated Mr. Macdonald."
"And what did he say?"
"We aren't allowed to share that information with you, Mr. Brown."
A small tune escaped from his chapped lips.
"Can you tell the recorder what you're whistling, Mr. Brown?"
"Ol' Macdonald had a farm..."
"Mr. brown, beside her body--"
"--We found a 9 inch kitchen knife--"
"And on this farm he had a wife..."
"--On the knife was both you and Mrs. Washington's' blood. Can--"
"--You explain how--"
"With some screaming here, and some stabbing there, here a stab, there a stab, everywhere a stab, stab, Ol' Macdonald had a farm, then it was no more."

"Then it was no more," Short repeated, grabbing her pen and pad. "That has to mean something." She quickly jotted down notes. 
"He said there was stabbing," She said to herself. "He also had a wife. It wasn't Mrs. Washington, though, because her wife is James Washington." She scribbled furiously on her pad. "But, surely, if there was screaming, Mr. Macdonald would've heard, right?"
She reached into her bag and grabbed the tape that held Cooper Macdonald's testify. "Give me some answers," she whispered into the tape. She inserted the tape and pressed play.
"State your name, please."
"Cooper Macdonald."
"Is your last name really Macdonald, if you don't mind me asking?"
Laughter. "Kinda ironic, isn't it? But, uh, yeah, I'm a Macdonald."
"Where were you on the night of November 6th?"
"Well I was uh," Silence. "I was out delivering a late night order."
"What was that late night order?"
"Eggs. Eggs from my chickens."
"Who were you delivering those eggs to?"
"Can't give out that information, ma'am. You can't walk into a grocery store and ask who their last customer was."
"Well, you can if you need that information for an investigation."
"I was delivering it to this, uh, old lady that lives in a really deserted area. Really sweet. But, she didn't order those eggs."
"What do you mean?"
"Those eggs, someone said to deliver 'em to that address, but it wasn't her."
"Someone made a false delivery to a house that wasn't theirs?"
"Yes ma'am."
"You know the police are investigating your house as we speak with a search warrant, right?"
"I know now."
"That'll be all for today, Mr. Macdonald."


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