The Interrogation Room

Detective Olivia Short was assigned to interrogate an odd 18 year old by the name of Douglas Brown, and odd kid accused of stabbing and murdering a woman named Ellis Washington. But as Detective Short puts all the pieces together, she starts to see a different side of the story...


5. Part 1, Chapter 5

"So, I think I figured it out," Detective short said to her husband the next morning. "He said the old woman didn't order the eggs that were delivered to her house, right?"
"Right," her husband said, half listening.
"So, maybe that was a distraction so they could murder Ellis Washington in his field."
"So why would they pick his field?"
"I thought about that," Short said, tapping her pen against her bloated stomach. "So I listened to the testify tapes of Douglas Brown. And in the nursery rhyme, he said," she took out her notebook and flipped to the page. "And on this farm he had a wife... with some screaming here, and some stabbing there. So, they just didn't pick some random farm. Mr. Macdonald is in some part of  this, whether he had something to do with Ellis Washington's death or not."
"So you think he's lying?"
"Maybe not. Maybe he doesn't know whatever he did to Douglas Brown, or whoever, had to do with Ellis Washington's death. But it did."
"I don't know," Sebastian slurred, grabbing some bacon from the pan on the stove. "But you'll figure it out." He placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "You always do."
"Yeah," She sighed, rubbing her stomach. "Maybe."
*                      *                       *                     *                     *

 When she walked into the interrogation room, Douglas had his feet propped on the table, studying his nails.
"Sun," He called out. "I've been waiting. You're late. Didn't I tell you I have no time on my hands?"
"Sorry, Mr Brown," Detective Short panted, wondering if this kid was mentally insane. She placed a cup of coffee in front of him. "Black."
"Thank you." He grabbed the coffee and started slurping it hungrily. She waited until he was finished, then placed the recorder in between them. "Let's get started, shall we?"
"Lets get it done, Sun," Douglas replied.
She pressed the record button. "Good morning, Mr. Brown."
"Can you tell me where we left off?"
"I believe we left off at the part where you asked me if there's more to this nursery rhyme other than words."
"Right. So, is there?"
"Mr. Brown, why don't you just answer the question?"
"Because the answer's obvious."
"So there is something behind the nursery rhyme?"
"What do you think?"
"I think there is more to this murder than what you're telling me."
"Of course their is! You think I just murdered her in some random guys farm just because?"
"Mr. Brown, I listened to the tapes last night."
"Do you know someone by the name of Cooper Macdonald?"
"Just checking. Now, you murdered him in his yard, right?"
"It took you all night to figure this out?"
"Hold on, I'm getting there. So, if you murdered her there, Cooper Macdonald would've called the police that night, am I correct?"
"Only if there was screaming?"
"And, if I'm correct, the nursery rhyme goes, With some screaming here, and some stabbing there, no?"
"Oh, you remembered."
"I did. But, Cooper Macdonald wasn't home that night, was he?"
"Cooper Macdonald wasn't home that night because he was out delivering eggs. And those eggs were delivered to an old lady. Now, you said you lived with your grandmother, correct?"
"Yeah. But here's the pièce de résistance; the old lady, who's name is Dolly Brown, didn't order those eggs."
"Wow. Plot twist."
"So, Douglas Brown, there are 2 things I don't understand."
"Here's the first one. Those eggs literally could've been delivered to anyone else's house, but you chose yours. Why is that?"
"Maybe I just really like eggs."
"And what happened to those eggs?"
"Well, I guess you could say that me and my crew ate them."
"Why would I say that?"
"Because we ate them. For breakfast."
"Were they good?"
"One of the best eggs I've had in awhile."
"That's great."
"Now, what's the second thing you don't understand?"
"How do you know what he said in his interrogation tapes?"
More silence.
"Mr. Brown, you don't have to say anything. But, just in case you forgot, there's a camera in the far right corner of this room that has been watching you from the time you've walked into this room up until now. I'm just trying to give you a chance to explain."
"What you think I escaped?"
"Then why would I be sitting here?"
"If I did escape, which I didn't, this chair would be empty, wouldn't it?"
"Maybe, yes. But also, maybe you want to be interrogated."
"Listen, Sun. I might be crazy, but I'm not that crazy to want to sit in this 15 x 12 room for God knows how long."
"You know we could figure out what happened here in 10 minutes, right?"
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing, right?"
"Walt disney."
"You're a real smart kid, you know that?"
"One of the smartest."
"So this obviously didn't take that long to plan, no?"
"I just did it. Everything else just fell into my lap."
"And what does that mean?"
"It means... what it means."
"You're taking quite a long time to answer my questions for a guy who has somewhere to be."
"Maybe I don't have somewhere to be."
"Are you playing mind games with me, Brown?"
Slamslamslam. "Get it through that thick skull of yours, Sun, its a joke. Can't you take a joke?"
"Please don't slam the table."
"What, don't do this?" Slamslamslam. "Why not?"
"I'll have to call someone in here to detain you."
"Go ahead, do that."
"I will."
"I think we're done for the day."
"You don't get to decide that."
"Well, too bad."
"Don't touch that button!"
"Oh yeah. And say hi to Sebastian for me."

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